"Serious" Golfer with no serious Golfer friends


So golfing is my main hobby. I play as much as a guy with two young kids and no CC membership can. I follow the pro game, I’m knowledgeable about equipment, and I’m not a great player but I can get around the course (break 90 and getting better).

The problem is, since I didn’t start playing until I was in my mid twenties and I’m not a member anywhere, I don’t have a “game.” I have friends that golf, but no golfer friends. My regular playing partners are typical weekend duffers, wouldn’t break 110 without Mulligan’s and gimmes. I play in a work league where the average age is 20 years older than me and the average 9 hole score is +12. They don’t know anything about the game besides it gets them a few hours away from family responsibility and they wouldn’t bet anything more than the first beers after the round.

This is all a long lead to this question. For those who don’t have CC memberships, who do you play with? How did you meet them? Having a group of guys to trash talk and bet a couple bucks with seems to be a core part of the golfing experience I’m missing. And before you suggest it, joining a club is not an option at this time, I know it’s the best answer to the question.


I don’t have any suggestions for you, just wanted to point out how similar my situation is. I’m about a 17 and I play in one work league and sub in a couple others, the guys I play with regularly are not as good but we have a good time. I have a couple friends my age that I can get to play a couple times a year, but not a regular group. I, too, would love to join a CC if I could swing it, but I can’t. An option around here (Iowa) is in small towns where the public courses have memberships, but I don’t live in a small town, or close enough where I’d get much use. I actually prefer to get out later in the day as a single where I can walk 18 in 2.5-3 hours, so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.


Same boat. I’m not sure what the answer is.

I guess if you run into someone on the public course that you click with, you could see if they’d want to play some time in the future.


You could call the pro shop of your usual course and ask if there are any singles on the tee sheet. If so, ask to be paired with one of them. Give it 9-holes and see if you click with the person.

You could also start a “Roll Call” thread for Iowa in the Community section of this website: https://refuge.nolayingup.com/c/community


I’ve actually had someone I randomly paired up with give me his number, but I never did end up setting anything up. I’ll usually decide to play pretty close to actually going and I have two public courses within 10 minutes.


I’ve traded numbers or emails a few times with randoms I’ve been paired with that were cool to play with. Either they don’t respond the next time or they do and schedules never line up and eventually you stop trying.


Ditch the work league and join a men’s night that has some team games in it. If you can commit to playing around the same time every week then you will see the same group of guys again and again around that time and usually a core group will form out of that. Seen it a lot working at a couple golf courses and then playing at them, eventually you just start booking with the same group.

Also, see if semi-private clubs allow non-members to join their league’s, helps with the consistent faces.


You could call up some public courses and see if they have regular games that you might be able to join. The pro/someone should know, based on your skill level and age where you may fit it.


I’ll have to look into that for next year. The work league is cheap and doesn’t interfere with home schedule too much but I probably need to upgrade.


All men’s nights/league I have been apart of all have 9 hole options as well which can keep the costs down. They have also been on different nights of the week so hopefully you can find one (or 2) that you can join.


Sounds like NLU should start a golf dating site.

And though that sounds like a wise crack, it’s actually not.


Instead of ages as a filter, it would be handicaps.


Likes Playing, Craves Partners


There is an app already called Golf Match. There isn’t enough people on it in my area for it to work.


So is it like Tinder? Do you swipe through people?


You don’t swipe like Tinder but otherwise yes. You have a profile and it shows you people nearby that you could measage to play with.


Over the years my group has drifted apart and I tend to just go out as a single. Since I am retired I tend to play during the week, mostly at sunrise as I can normally go out alone and be done and home in a couple hours, especially when I belonged to a club. However when I do play later, I enjoyed being hooked up with another group to fill it out as I have met a lot of interesting people, both young and old, male and female.


When I moved to New Jersey I was all over Golf Match - the App worked great and I was able to meet a lot of new people in my area through it. (I’ve since moved back home so don’t have the need for it) but would definitely recommend it

EDIT: Sorry - just saw that you already mentioned Golf Match lol


I might need to try it again. I tried it early in the season and it was pretty lame around here. Maybe now that it’s prime season I might have more luck.


ive made some what you would call serious golf friends through doing single day events through the Golf Association of Michigan. They pretty much always match you up with people of similar skill/age and at those types of things they are just as serious about the game as you are. and multiple times ive exchanged info with people who are members are some of the private clubs in the area and now play as their guest at least once a year at their clubs

i also asked the pro at the semi private/public course i have a quasi membership about any “games” and he referred to a very casual saturday morning league where they get the first 5 tee times every weekend and whoever can make it can make it. im 31 and easily the youngest person by 10+ years, but they enjoy the game as much as i do so i enjoy their company and that game