Selling old clubs?



Currently getting sentimental about old clubs I used to have or wish I had back in my teens. Would love to get my hands on a Titleist 975D (with headcover preferably…to be honest the headcover is the lure).

Trying ebay and other places but is there any merit setting up a Refuge ‘Gumtree’ / ebay thread where people can sell clubs or tell us what they’ve got to sell and we can message privately for a sale?

(This may break rules of the Refuge and happy to remove the thread if so).


i could be wrong, but i think i have a 975D at the house…if so, pay for the shipping and its yours. I will let you know tomorrow for sure


Amazing. Let’s hope shipping to Northern Ireland isn’t a killer!


LOVE the idea of setting up a “Gar(b)age Sale” section. Put up any clubs for sale, etc…GENIUS


oh man, haha yeah it would probably be more than the club is actually worth!

i have a couple old titleist drivers at the house, just have to see what i actually have…probably getting your hopes up for no reason, but the 975D was the first titleist driver i had…hope its in the garage for you


I may also have a 975D, had it in play up until about a year ago. Same deal if the other guy’s falls through.


Great! Thanks.


Sorry Andy, looked over the weekend and apparently the 975D I had is no longer…I’ve only got the 983 and 905 in the old clubs bag at this point.


No worries at all. It was always a long shot and its good to see people trying to help others out!


I am looking for a Swing Stik in red. I live in Ohio so U.S.-based shipping only as international rates suck. I found the blue version on ebay but I think that is meant for junior golfers. And, I would rather pay a Refugee than a random golf shop.


Any luck with the 975D? No worries if not.


Sorry slipped my mind. I’ll check the storage locker tonight.


Found it! Unfortunately no headcover, but all yours if you want it. @AndyDowney


This. please.


I have the blue one from my junior days. Used to carry it in the bag a la alignment sticks. That thing was basically a bat!!


shes a real beaut Clark


Love it!

One last question…stiff shaft?


Not sure, I got it second hand and it doesn’t say on the shaft. Here’s the only writing:

The small print says X6200 graphite advanced tour design boron tip.


I cant stop laughing at the idea of the Refuge becoming the anti-GolfWRX BST board where people come to swap their Sonartec 3 wood for a Titleist PT.


Very on-brand, indeed! :rofl: