Seattle Area Golf

I’m going to be in the Seattle area this week and will probably have time for a round or two.

What courses do I need to go see?

I’m sure the conversation has been had but I’ve looked in a couple places and may be missing it. If so please point me in the right direction.

probably a good start


Gold Mountain and West Seattle

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Come over to the Roll Call thread and we’ll set you straight.

But: Gold Mountain, the Home Course, Chambers is all you need.


Yup. Gold Mountain

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Which course at Gold Mountain would you recommend?

The Olympic course is the more challenging one and where they host the majority of the tournaments. Spieth won the US Junior Amateur there in 2011


Gold Mountain/Home Course is a phenomal value pair with one great course and one solid course. Chambers is really cool for the experience/view, but you pay a premium (and despite what everyone says, the new greens still suck, and will for some time)