Scotty Cameron Fans?


yeah I saw that LOL

I am going Thursday and I will let you know how I turn out!!


it was eye opening and awesome.

funny how just lie angle and sight lines make a huge difference in putting


Finally got the whole gang together


Second from the left is a thing of beauty to me.



Far left, is that a mil spec Newport 2…?


it’s an early 2000’s pro platinum. I haven’t made the leap for anything from the gallery or limited release yet. I’ve just sent the normal releases to the custom shop.


A weekend project I though maybe some on here would appreciate.


you sir, are an inspiration. Care to share the cut sheet / plans for that? I’m a shitty carpenter without detailed instructions. Also, how’d you get the logo on there?


I putt with a 5s! I never see anyone else with a 5s much bless center shafted putters from any company. :drooling_face:


Wow. We have shockingly similar putters.

I’ve got the same Scotty bullseye flange. A 2010 Newport 1.5, and a Futura 6m


Haha I was in a bad place on the greens early last summer and needed something entirely different for a while.


haha that’s why I picked mine up. But I went from Newport (plummer’s neck) to the 5s (center shafted). I saw you had been using heel shafted Camerons. Did that feel like a big adjustment “toe-flow” wise?


Im a novice carpenter at best, and this didn’t give me too much trouble. I started with just one 1-in-x-3-in-x-8-ft-Pine-Board which was about $10 at Home Depot. The top and bottom pieces are 20 in long and the side pieces are 28 in long. I clamped the two side pieces together and drilled a 2 in diameter hole every 4 in. I glued each side together and put a couple of finishing nails on each side to hold it in place. The logo I just printed from the internet on a piece of cardstock paper and x-acto knifed an outline then traced it onto the wood. Two coats of paint and polyurethane later we got ourselves a putter rack. Excluding the cost of buying a finishing nail gun, which I don’t think was necessary, I was all in for about $40 in materials.


Basically I was struggling with over-releasing the head with all my traditional putters (more likely a setup issue that just had the release happening too early) and was dead pulling a lot of putts even though they felt perfect. Something about the mallet, combined with no offset, made it so I didn’t do that. Aside from adding a little forward press with it I didn’t feel like I changed my stroke very much. I’m incapable of pulling a putt with the mallet (pushes happen though). Gamed it for about a month and went back to my Newport and putted really well the last few weeks of the season. Funny game!


Anyone know of any places to get Scotty apparel other than the Scotty site and ebay? Been looking to find a 1/4 zip thats reasonably priced


Scotty Cameron.

Reasonably priced.


(Speaking as the owner of a 2nd hand Circle T)


Grabbed a mint floor model X7 about 18 months ago on 2nd Swing. Great putter and my first Scotty. Love at first putt.


Center shafted disciple here. Converted and few years ago with a Ping Kinloch. I like to crowd the plate and get right on top of the ball, so it works for my style


same here I went center shafted after my fitting at the gallery. I have tried and tried and tried to use blade putters but i does well for a couple of rounds but then goes downhill and I always go back to a mallet.