Scotty Cameron Fans?


Scotty is doing any Instagram story today on Titleist account talking about the new line


Can’t get over the insert look, so I ordered a Newport 2 Studio Stainless off eBay to get it restored. Super pumped as it will get here Saturday and I will hopefully be sending it off next week.


They are in shops today and I just rolled the newport 3. It does feel softer than last year version and not so clicky off the face.

Anyone else roll them?

Also here is scotty talking about the new line with Marc Crossfield:


Does anyone know when or where Scotty will release the team USA head covers for the Ryder cup? If anyone is a club cameron member and already has access to see what’s getting released next week let us know.


I just want to find this beaut again.


You’ve got to warn us before you post any NSFW pics again…


I don’t change putters often, and when I do it’s generally a minor change stylistically. Pretty easy to see which was the result of “desperate times call for desperate measures” decision making. Visually, the California Coronado is still my favorite, even if I don’t play it anymore.


Nothing yet, even in today’s Enews. I’ll let you know when next week’s comes out


I’ve been rocking the 2014 squareback for the last 3+ years. Just got my concept x, putting it in the bag for Sand Valley this weekend. Initial testing/impressions were it’s a lot more stable than my squareback, but still has the feel of a blade putter - very nice. Will report back after I use it in an actual round.


Interesting story about Cameron putters:

My buddy wanted to get me a Scotty as a surprise (long story, awesome guy!), he’s a PGA pro so he called his rep with all my specs. He doesn’t hear back for a few weeks so he gives the shop a call. Low & behold they proceed to tell him that they CANNOT build a putter to the specifications he has provided and they will refund any money. So basically, the “greatest” putter maker in the world couldn’t make a putter for an 11 handicap. To be fair I am 6’7" and have an unbelievably small amount of face rotation (like 0.5 deg) during my stroke, but I found it interesting/comical that they couldn’t make me a putter.

So he got me a custom PING Anser and I’ve never looked back!


Interesting and a little surprising. Guess they don’t carry the shaft length as stock and ordering it one off was too much of a hassle…(not an excuse, just thinking out loud). Out of curiosity, how long is your PING putter?


They dont do anything over 35. I just got mine 35 and put an extension in.


@mthoma12 v. @bigrandy match. Battle of the 6’6"+ 11 cappers.


Two part question here…Has anybody used the Scotty custom shop for their putter and how was that process? Also, is it worth doing or a real douche move to get your putter customized?


Big fan of the custom shop. I’ve sent at least 4 putters there over the years. In my experience, a quick grip change or update on paint fill will take around 1.5 months door to door. A full restoration will take closer to 2.25 months. The work product is outstanding, essentially giving me license to buy beat up old scotty’s on ebay knowing that they can be made new again.

I did have one somewhat negative experience 8-10 years ago when I sent in a putter with one of their “oil-can” type finishes. They were adding some sight lines to the flange and messed up the finish. They upgraded me for free to a no-glare chrome type finish and sent a certificate of authenticity. I think they threw in a free headcover as well.


I’m saving toward a Select Newport 3. Love that half-mallet style, and how it feels.


Put the Concept X in play this weekend for 2 rounds. Really liked the stability, off-center hits didn’t seem to be affected as much as in my squareback. Still have to get used to it some more, but a solid debut.

Regarding @CDevlin question: I’ve sent in 3 clubs to the custom shop. Easy process, about 4-6 weeks. I don’t find it to be a douche move. Most folks never notice, those that do are intrested in Camerons and want to see what you had done. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but I say go for it if you have the desire. Ignore the haters!


Just to close the loop on Scotty not being able to build me a putter here are my specs that were sent to them. Keep in mind my minimal face rotation and need for a face balanced putter; and I cannot putt with a pancake on a stick so I needed a blade style putter.

2 deg. loft
38" length
74 lie

They wouldn’t go more than 2 up in the face balanced models, since they don’t have a hosel but a goose neck to create the face balanced position.


After going back and forth with it I am doing my fitting at the Cameron Studio on Thursday.

Who has been? What should I expect?


I had a fitting in February. I would call it part fitting/part lesson. Joey was my fitter and we talked about some goals that I had with my game and where I feel I’m missing some shots. The camera equipment used for the fitting was phenomenal and definitely shed some light on my putting stroke. I was diagnosed with using the same putter that I brought (Newport 2) but with the backup option diagnosis to use a FastBack. Fast forward to June and I wasn’t making many putts, just not seeing the ball go in the hole. I bought a Fastback and it helped with my path and I started making a lot more birds.

The gallery itself is a pretty small place. Lots of awesome SC gear to buy, some quite pricey but also there is sometimes some one off goodies. I’d be happy to help if you’ve got more questions!

Just realized I had a similar response to this thread earlier this year. Haha!