Scottsdale Golf Trip


I’d avoid any of the courses at the Phoenician. Stayed there once and played a few 9s. Other than being in good condition, the courses are completely boring and probably merit inclusion on the Refuge thread devoted to overpriced golf facilities.


I am also planning a trip to Scottsdale. What are you guys opinions on Ak-Chin Southern Dunes, Papago, and Quintero?


Played Southern Dunes last time I was there. Good layout, very good conditions. It’s a little bit of a drive to get there. I wouldn’t go out of my way to play it on future trips, but that’s because there are still a ton of great courses I’ve yet to play out there and not a knock against Southern Dunes itself.


Papago is a fun layout and pretty challenging, also the future home of ASU Golf in a couple years. Papago is city owned and is very convenient to the airport right in the middle of Phoenix. Awesome greens and a tough group of par threes. It’s pretty laid back and can be a fun change of pace.

Would echo the above about Southern Dunes. Awesome conditioning and design. Worth the drive if you’re willing to make it.

Quintero is always impeccably maintained and is verrrrry tough. Devious greens and tough fairways to hit. The views there are great but it will knock you around for 18 holes. it’s quite enjoyable for good players to make shots. I’m not great so it destroys me.


The North Course (O’Odham) is awesome. Grab a yardage book, and enjoy/embrace thinking your way through each hole. The land is incredibly flat, but if anything that makes the design even more impressive.


Strong endorsement here. Love the North at Talking Stick. Playing it this weekend in fact and I’m pumped.


I’m going to revive this topic. I’m going down for a couple education courses for my job in November, will be staying at Fairmont Princess, which is where I always stay when I come down for these things but have never brought my clubs. This time the flight out Friday isn’t late enough for me to finish my meeting so I have to stay an additional night, so I’m going to bring my clubs and play somewhere solo Saturday morning and fly out later that day. Walking the Wekopa Saguaro course has really caught my eye but it’s 30 minutes both ways from hotel to course. The Grayhawk Courses looking like a quick 9 minute drive each way. And my hotel is on the TPC Stadium course property.

I’d probably prefer to walk with a pushcart but riding would be fine, I will be by myself, and my flight home is at 6pm. What would everyone recommend? Not sure I could get 36 in but would be willing to try, there is a different airline that leaves at 7:50pm for the same price.


In my opinion it’s worth the drive to Wekopa to walk Saguaro. Sunset is 5:30ish in November here so if you start frist thing you should be able to get 36 in and get to the airport. Might as well book the later flight so you’re not rushed on the way to the airport and you can enjoy a couple pints at the airport Four Peaks.

You’re looking at about a half an hour from either Wekopa or Grayhawk to Sky Harbor so that isn’t much of a factor.


We-Ko-Pa is SO worth it. Pics on the way from my trip last March…


A few pics from Saguaro and Cholla, really worth the trek East of Scottsdale


Okay I’m sold on We-Ko-Pa, that place looks great


Just to update people we played Troon Monument, pinnacle was closed, Sunridge Canyon per recomendation of this post which was some of the people in groups favorite course yet! We played We-ko, not the saguaro course because it was closed but thats always one of our favorite courses as well. We played both boulders courses which is always fantastic, some of the best views on a course the rock formations are really breathtaking. We also played Greyhawk which is pretty difficult but i think it has some of the better green complexes, lots of ejections that round.

Also at the recommendation of this post 4 of us played Mountain Shadow the par 3 before i flight out and I would recommend that to anyone who has half a day to kill. The greens on that par 3 course are all really fun and over the top and the 5 person cart was pretty cool. I’m going to look into staying on the grounds of Mountain Shadow next year it seems like a great place to screw around after a casual 36 in 115 degree heat.

That was only my second year going but I feel like thats most of the public highlights. The only thing I would still want to play really is TPC, but they never cut us deals in the summer so its easy for us to just go play at another nice course in the area.

Still would love to hear recommendations from anyone! I think we’ll be going back for a few more years until we all have some real money to spend!


TPC really isn’t worth what they charge. Wekopa is way better imo and way cheaper.


i voted for tpc to be the most overpriced course in the country. its tough to skip if you are there once because it is cool to play a course you see on tv but it is not worth what they charge without the grandstands… big fan of we ko pa…also would recommend snooze for all your breakfast needs, their am manhattans are awesome and the food is great.


TPC Scottsdale Stadium definitely in the “overhyped” category, but across the street at their “Champions Course” you can play 18 in the $80-100 range. We played 36 at TPC (started on Champions, then jumped across to Stadium) and the Champions course was an absolute blast! A few driveable par 4’s, some picturesque par 3’s, and a beast of a closing hole. I know it’s not the sexiest thing to go to TPC and NOT play the course the pro’s play, but Champions is definitely worth a look when you’re there:


This is the correct take. The Champions course is criminally underrated.


WeKoPa Saguaro is the best bet in town by far. After that I really like Talking Stick North (or whatever they call it now). Also Coore/Crenshaw, just on less interesting land. The management there is obnoxious, however, and not walking friendly, which is stupid AF, because both courses should be easily walkable.

Papago is a nice muni style course right near the airport with good views, cheaper prices and a good walk, if you’re looking for something else. Biggest challenge with getting 36 in that time of year is just the POP for your second round. If you can be first out or near it, you can play quick early, but then your second round is likely to be slow. If you start by noon or so, though, shouldn’t be a problem.