Scottish Open 2020 - The Pros Do Doak

Your ability to chime in with relevant info is shocking at times.

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Crazy that if tomorrow is anything like today, the cut will be at -6. Or, even par, to a par of 68, if you’re Andy Johnson.

I was going to play a drinking game where I had to do a shot every time @thefriedegg said, ‘adjusted par’ on Shotgun Start, but I would have died halfway through an episode.

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The golfer in the background here stole the show. Anyone know who he is?

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Surprised he has a stand bag and not a pencil bag.

That’s an extra low blow.

All jokes aside, this looks like a pretty incredible initiative. The golfers name is Joakim Björkman and he’s playing in “the the first ever EDGA Scottish Open at The Renaissance Club. The 36-hole EDGA Scottish Open is the first of two disability championships scheduled alongside Rolex Series events on the 2019 Race to Dubai with the 36-hole EDGA Dubai Finale”

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Hate to see your Open Championship sleepers peaking a week or 2 early.

I’m feeling quite uninspired by Renaissance and this tournament. Yes it’s been raining and it’s soft but it’s Scotland, it’s always recently rained. The fairways look flat, there’s no gnarly rough and I’ve not seen any greens or bunkers where I’ve thought ‘wow that’s cool’. I can see why Justin Rose and probably others have gone straight to Portrush.

That green fee is stupid as well, yes it’s exclusive but Muirfield next door’s hardly inclusive and that’s £50 less plus you can actually play it twice. Hopefully the wind starts to blow because the couple of hours I’ve watched so far have been boring.

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The Mattress King opted for Trump Doonbeg

Yeah, our day at Muirfiled in September is going to be £380 all-in. 250 (1 round) + 100 (2nd round) + 30 (lunch).

Having not played it yet, Muirfield was my top priority for this trip, and I am ok with the cost. North Berwick excites me just as much, as a return trip, and is not cheap, but far less than Muirfield.

I got input from many people that have played everything in the area, and several told me not to prioritize Renaissance. We’re mostly focused on playing all the real links courses in the area.

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I wish someone had told our organizer that the K Club is for donkeys and Americans only.


That’s not bad really, I’m sure all The Open venues could get away with charging more (bar Turnberry which costs the same as Renaissance).

I’m heading to Lothian in October so I was thinking “y’know maybe I could get lucky and get myself an invite” at Renaissance. I won’t even email them though, the millionaire members can keep their unexciting layout and I’ll go find some quirk with scum bags like me.


These rates are nuts.

Without wishing to speak out of turn (as I’m not sure what the arrangement is), I would strongly suggest anyone wanting to have a day at Renaissance goes via a night or two at The Ducks Inn.

Played it 2 summers ago and was underwhelmed. Very American feel. Not what we were looking for while in Scotland to play golf. A couple really great holes and lots that are just ok. Facilities are great. Would rather play next door at Muirfield or down the road at North Berwick.

Or Archerfield, or Musselburgh, or Craigielaw or Kilspindie, or Dunbar…

we’re playing Gullane 1-2-3, Muirfield (2x), North Berwick (3x), KIlspindie, Luffness New, Dunbar, The Glen, Goswick (2x), and more…Musselburgh has races the day we planned to play it, but we are definitely trying to get there. I’ve been working on possibly doing Renaissance (through a well-connected friend, so not for those rates), but the dates may not work. Still considering Longniddry. Group decided against Acherfield and Craigielaw.


well, you either support these rates, or you support private clubs in america and less access abroad.

That is the UK model…fund the club by allowing foreigners to play.

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What sort of objections would we have if Shinnecock had limited $300 “open-to-public” rates? Would we be so up-in-arms? As it is, most of us will never play those fairways.

I’m from the UK and I have to pay the full amount at all Open & links sites in Scotland, NW & SE England (my home area).

Renaissance doesn’t fit the model anyway as it basically is a private American club. They charge a lot for inferior golf, all in the same of exclusivity. It doesn’t subsidise (or welcome) locals.


Totally hear you, but not sure it quite applies to Renaissance. Joining fees when it opened were circa £100,000, although I understand its now around £60,000. Typical joining fees for a top end UK club can get to around £10,000, but the vast majority are less than £5,000.

Renaissance operates a model much closer to US County Clubs (indeed, the Renaissance owner is American), so I think those green fees reflect a desire for privacy rather than a need to support the members/club.

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