Scott McCarrron Fans?

Not sure who is a scotty fan here but I am a big fanboy for a while. But I won’t drop 2500 on a circle t putter.

Did anyone see the new select line? Any thoughts? I am curious if anyone has done a fitting at the gallery and their experiences? I know it’s pricey but I feel like I can get more of out of it then rolling one at Golf Galaxy! LOL

Here is a cool video on the new line:


I can’t seem to get beyond the look of the inserts.


Huge Scotty fan. Couldn’t imagine putting with anything else. I’ve had the same one since 2003.

have you tried the new ones? Are you going to try the new line?

What do you have a newport?

Besides the obvious quality that you get with a Scotty, the Newport 2 is the best putter ever designed. Can’t beat it.

I’ve got a 7- or 8-year-old Odyssey White Hot that I’m about to replace. I recently tested the latest Odyssey putters and they’re like putting with a stick of butter. Is a Scotty markedly better? If so I’m up for it, but I also don’t want to throw an extra $150+ at a brand just for the hell of it.

Check out an Edel fitter. I had a Scotty for years, wasn’t fit for it and putted decently. I went to an Edel fitting and got a custom putter from them, and legit, didn’t three putt for 40 holes (I play off 13, 3 putts were a part of the game for me). It was insane. Putter and fitting ended up being $500, got custom paintfill and stamps. PM if you want a break down of the fitting. It was awesome.

Wasn’t a fan of the feel of the edels. For the price tag it’s should have a better feel and styles.

Just got a putter back from the custom shop that got new paint fill and a new grip. Took approx. 1.5 months. They still have two other putters of mine that are getting full restorations. No clue how much longer that will take. I have used the custom shop multiple times and have had positive experiences every time. That feature alone keeps me as a certified fanboy.

The 2 remaining putters from my order on 2/8/2018 arrived today 4/18/2018. The finished product is outstanding and well worth the 2 month wait. Feel free to take a flyer on a dinged up Scotty from eBay… for $275 more and some patience the Custom Shop can work magic.


I had a fitting at the Scotty Cameron gallery last month and it was part lesson/part fitting. I took 3 different putters with different head shapes. Not many putts were hit, I’d say 20-25. A decent amount of time was spent on what my goals as a golfer are, tendencies I have, etc. It was enlightening because it helped me get back to the basics of my putting stroke (not that I was too far off in the first place.) The camera equipment that can pick up the putting stroke and ball reaction was fascinating to watch. I’m glad that I got to experience it at least once as I’ve been a Scotty fan/collector for a number of years. I’d be happy to help with any questions that anyone as with regard to getting fit there.

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Did you end up getting a new putter? Or are you just using what you already have?

Not trying to sound like a smartass but you do know that it is a ping design right? Most all scotty’s are copied from mostly ping and some others. Not saying they aren’t nice because they are but they are not his original design. I think scotty himself admits to copying the ping models.

Correct every putter from Odyssey, Scotty or Bettinardi that matches that anser style is a copycat.

I would say the qualtiy of scott vs. ping today aren’t on the same page but yes the 009, newport models are a lift from the anser model.

He has a couple of originals out there I just think it’s funny when people always talk about his designs and yet they have been around for quite a while. It’s not just the anser but also the odyssey #7 and rossie were copied. Don’t get me wrong he makes a quality product. I just can’t justify the price for them. To each his own though.

Everyone copies everyone it’s part of the golf industry. Heck how many patients did callaway have on metalwoods or the S2H2 design that are now used.

Look at the whole PXG vs. TM irons battle now - does anything original come out of the golf industry anymore?

I was completely unaware of that to be perfectly honest. I guess what I really meant is that the design combined with Scotty’s craftsmanship and attention to detail makes it a level above similar models of putters from different brands. Thank you for correcting me.

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I didn’t get/buy a new putter. Through the fitting it was confirmed that the Newport 2 style head shape is ideal for my stroke (which is the shape I’d been using for the last 3+ years).

I use the Scotty Cameron Futura X. Best putting I have ever done… Why would I change??

if jordan speith and tiger woods can change we all can! LOL

I’m a fan/very very small time collector. However, one of my twins first name is Cameron. I met so many people through the ICC gatherings I owe him for a ton of friendships and memories.