Scotland's newest links - Dumbarnie

I thought there might be some interest in some pictures of Dumbarnie Links which is the newest course in Scotland, due to open fully next year. So far, I believe some journalists, pros and possibly greenstaff have played it.

It’s just round the coast from Elie and is pitching itself as a competitor to Kingsbarns so quite hefty green fees of around £250.

I’m a member at Elie so took the opportunity to pop round back in August and took some pictures (I’m also a drone pilot and like to do some course photography).

Clive Clarke was the designer and it’s quite interesting, architecturally. They had to build the dunes and then created a lot of holes with two options of the tee. Very much risk/reward and looks fun.

Here are some images.



Looks sick but what moron named this place?


:joy: I think the course is named after the dunes that was there before. So someone a few hundred years ago.

Great photos but I don’t like the look of it. Split fairways, lots of water, white, shallow bunkers, cheesy risk/reward… You could transpose a lot of that to a desert course and it would fit just as well.


Our group has a Dumbarnie/Elie day scheduled for May. Should be a real contrast in courses.

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The white sand in those bunkers is really throwing me off and looks out of place compared to everything else. I’m getting way more Kiawah Island vibes than Scotland.

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Yeah, it’s certainly not a traditional links.
I hadn’t thought about the sand until now, but you’re right - don’t think it’s like anything local! Although, I don’t think they’re all shallow. Definitely some deeper and pot bunkers in there. The drone height wouldn’t do them any favours.

Beautiful pics man, great job. Looks like a fun layout no doubt.

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Probably best to wait until people have started to play it before making any judgement. Still a winters worth of maturing to get through.

New Scottish courses have been pretty solid of late. Castle Stuart, Kingsbarns, Orange Faced Buffoon Aberdeen. And there’s always room for a bit of variety I guess.

My biggest question is if you had permission to do these, or did you just fly over the wall and crack on?!

I know one of the green keepers there and some of the pictures he’s posted on Twitter have been fantastic looking he said the course has been in fantastic condition for a good while now. But again £250 to play it its getting out of hand Kingbarns over £300 for next season Carnoustie have raised the green fee by £42 to £252 a round thats ridiculous

There is no wall other than that small one you see going across one of the holes (17th).
I walked along the dunes from a nearby caravan park and then launched the drone from the coastal path next to the course. Totally fine as we have a public right to roam in Scotland. Technically, I could have walked right over the course if I wanted. Quite a few guys from Elie have gone over there with their dogs to have a look. Although they’re understandably wary of people walking around if they have heavy duty vehicles and stuff. Clubhouse is still being built.

I have since been in touch with the course manager and designer. They’ve bought a few of my images and are interested in some more work next year but nothing confirmed yet.

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Good work.

What drone do you have?

Yeah, it’s so expensive. I’m yet to pay that kind of money for a round of golf although I’m relatively young and not yet earning the kind of money where I could justify that (if I ever could…).

Fortunately, they’re offering 60% reduction for Fife residents so hoping to go down there for around £100. I’d be happy paying that and my dad may even pay so I will hopefully get a game there in the next couple of years.

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Phantom 4 Pro. I occasionally fly an Inspire 2, as well, and might borrow one from work if they did want me to do some more shots. They were asking about the possibility of a longer lens which you can only get on the Inspire.

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I’ve got a Phantom 3 but just for fun. Haven’t actually used it in ages. My phone is old and shit and the phone battery dies before the drones does! Must update phone.

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Im hoping to get on for free always good to know greenskeepers and caddies

Why would they choose such a stark white sand for the bunkers? Not my cup of tea.


Weird mixture of pot bunkers and blowout bunkers too. The pot bunkers’ sand should at least match the shade of the blowout bunkers to give it a uniform look. Other than that looks like a fun course.

I see myself thinking two things when I finish my round: I want to try a different strategy on that hole and I want to try the hole on a different day to see a new pin location. Both are positives. I don’t see myself thinking, “man that sand was weird”

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Alright, so, it’s high time we get this thread bumped - the NLU Scotland group will be seeing this course in April before it officially opens in May!