Scotch & Whisk(e)y favo(u)rites?

Went back and listened to the Scotland Trip podcast. Got me thinking about my own trip there and developing a love for scotch and other whisk(e)y.

Anyone care to share their drink of choice? I’ll start off with the following (reasonably cheap) ones I dabble in:

Laphroaig Quarter Cask
Highland Park 12
Glenmorangie 10
Bushmills 12 (purchased at the distillery)


Unfortunately I guy so smashed on scotch one evening at a Christmas party that I was simultaneously puking and shitting myself.

It was a horrific scene. I proceeded to puke my guts up all the way home. Poor cab driver.

I crawled into my house and passed out on the bathroom floor. Wife was super impressed!

That happened at least 5 years ago. Cannot touch scotch to this day.


I love whisky. Favourite distilleries include:

Highland Park - their 18 is all-time
Old Pulteney

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See this thread. CC: @3wiggle

Ah. Sweet memories of Rumplemints


Clynelish 14 is affordable and one of my favorites

can’t wait to give Ledaig a try!

have you tried any of the Highland Park since they changed their bottling and marketing campaign? The seasoned veterans seem to think it’s dropped in quality but I’m still learning to spot the differences

just looked it up… sounds excellent! too bad I’m limited by Canada’s liquor laws and they don’t sell it.

Not a big scotch guy. Love Whisky although I don’t have an expensive taste.

Elijiah Craig is my go to. Not too expensive, and I’ve found the hangover is tolerable.

Bowmore 15
Lagavulin 16 (the GOAT)
Arbelour 10
Dalwhinnie 15

All proper stuff.


I just migrated to trying bourbon recently. Knob Creek tasted like I was stealing liquor from my parents when I was 17. Absolutely love Buffalo Trace though, and $30 a bottle is tough to beat.


I don’t mind Knob Creek…but the hangover is usually brutal for me (without even drinking more than 2 glasses).

Love Buffalo Trace. Ever try High West American Prairie? Very good.

100% trace is always on the bar

as for scotch

talisker 10 is the first love
bowmore 15
glenmorangie nectar d or
and for something completely different glendronach 12


Have tried some scotch but haven’t developed the taste for it yet. Whiskey is another story. Currently working my way through some Teelings Irish whiskey as well as Templeton Rye.

Monkey Shoulder - for $30 a bottle, it’s the best value scotch out there
The Classic Laddie in the blue bottle - Smells like you are planting your face into a bouquet of flowers spritzed with maple syrup and seawater.
Laphroaig Quarter Cask, as @mw19 said - Smells like rotting dirt and sort of like you’re licking a hospital floor, but in a good way.

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I’m hardly an expert or a connoisseur, but my personal choices are Redbreast for Irish whiskey and Eagle Rare for a good, reasonably priced bourbon. Scotch is too harsh for my taste.


I am not a scotch man but I do like my bourbon, especially during the cold months. Maker’s, Weller, and Buffalo Trace are 3 of my favorites but I’m pretty open to anything. Also love Crown Royal.


Also if anybody gets to the Jameson distillery in Middleton there is a portion of the tour towards the end where they ask for a few volunteers. Defintely make sure to get your hand up for that as they give an opportunity to taste test American whiskey (Jack Daniels) vs scotch (Johnny Black) vs Irish whiskey (Jameson). While none of these are premier in the whiskey/scotch game the three shots on the tour is a nice touch. Drinking them back to back to back also does illustrate the differences in flavoring.

I really liked Tamdhu. I had it sitting on the porch at Kingsbarns on a beautiful afternoon. I was able to find it at my local liquor store for around $65 for the 10-yr. It’s not peaty and is finished in sherry casks.

Bourbon guy here. Highly recommend 1816 Cask Strength from Chattanooga Whiskey for bourbon/whiskey lovers out there. Picked up a bottle when I was down there to play Sweetens about a month ago and have been trying to find a way back to pick up more/obviously play Sweetens again.

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