Scorecard tracking for side games

My usual group is starting to play some side games and we are starting with simple Nassau but how do we keep track on the scorecard when we have presses and such in play? Anyone have tricks or examples of old cards they kept score on?

Can’t imagine keeping a card for more elaborate games.

Do the scorecards you use have like 6-8 spots?

Just track each press in those extra boxes below / bottom half…

The answer is so simple my mind is a little blown to be honest but yea like he said just use the extra space on the card. For dots literally put dots next to the score in the square for each person.

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Figured it was simple but wasn’t sure if there were any quick tricks to shorthand the notations.

Ok this may be the wrong thread but how do you play this game? Never heard of “pushes/presses” until I started watching NLU.

We tried to play wolf and got confused with scoring so clearly over our skis

Me and you have a bet… a common game is press when you are 2 down. So if I win the first two holes, you are 2 down and press me. The press is just a brand new bet that we start even at again on top of the original bet. Say you won the 3rd hole. Now the match stands “1&1” I’m 1 up on original bet, you’re 1 up on the press and so on

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And Nassau is a front / back / total bet. Simplest way to play is $x Nassau, no presses. So you would play for say $5 for front, $5 for back, and $5 all day.

Adding presses is just another $x for that specific press, whether it be for the front, back, or total.

Does a press last the rest of the round/9 or just the hole you are pressing?

My group talks a big betting game but we never collect at the end.

The rest of the 9

Let’s say you press on 5 tee down 3. You press the front. That press is good for 5-9. If you press match/18 as well, you would have 2 press bets going (5-9 and 5-18)

Also, have I been playing this wrong the whole time? The old guis at the club I grew up at played it as a press would end the current bet and begin a new bet. Example: You’re down 2 after 3 and you press front and match. You forfeit the original front and match bet and begin new wagers (4-9 and 4-18) for $1 each.

Woah. So if we are playing for 5/5/5 and I go down two and press, I auto owe you 5$ and start a new bet? I mean I don’t want to say you’re playing it “wrong” but I’ve definitely never heard of that. Even when you press the original bets keep running. That’s how you can end up with 6 or 7 bets


Yup. That’s how all the old heads played it at the club, so that’s how I always assumed it was done. Now, 15 years later I’m realizing I was getting hosed by their little local rule on Nassau. Yikes.

finally I understand what pressing means

Yea eff that game lol. I would of course obviously never “press” in that game. They should just call it the give up game. “Im down 3 guess I give up on that bet” hell to the naw naw naw