Saving Golf in America: Ep. 1: GolfNow

Context: GolfNow is merging with EZLinks which is potentially a large issue for golf courses everywhere.

Anyone else interested? Figure this can serve as a planning page before we kickstart some coding.

This will be an open source project.


Will there be merch?


So a key moneymaker for GolfNow is the fact that they have centralized booking (ie, user logs in to book a tee time, they see multiple courses).

I’m not sure that we want to support this (at this point).

I think a min-viable-product is a base booking software that is easily deployable/hostable/configurable that a course can have link-access to.

So, one instance per golf course. This instance can book tee times, handle credit cards, handle golfer accounts.

We need to become the Amazon of golf course booking. #meta

I started developing a tee time management app in nodeJS with express/mongoose.

The goal was to be a startup but then I realized how GN works and gives members discounts of chemicals etc and I couldn’t compete with that. It could exist as a open source easy to deploy container/droplet, but GN is too big.

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Wouldn’t it be easier, albeit not necessarily legal, to just flood Golfnow with a bunch of fake accounts using stolen credit cards and systematically fill up tee sheets everywhere, leading to nothing but no shows and a huge headache for the courses? Which would hopefully lead courses to drop the service?


What’s the central grudge?

Is it just The Refuge vs. The World?

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@Sarah Check out the thread from DJ’s comment. EZLinks (the main golf course management software) is merging with GolfNow. Monopoly.

can you say more about this? I’m interested (and if you’ve got unfinished work, I can think of several aspiring developers on here who might be interested in picking it up).

I didn’t get very far, just thought through the data structure in mongoDB. Scheduling is tricky because you need to manage add ons, hours of operation, dawn, dusk.

Basically each course would have its settings for open, close, time between groups, then the schedule would be opened X days out from today and blocks were set for just those days and then you could fill the blocks and create adhoc blocks for add ons.

I thought we were only motivated by grudges :slight_smile:


This grudge is about saving public golf in America from big capitalism!


I am willing to help out if needed

Carrying on from the previous thread… will we host in AWS?

Since we’re going to be doing this as open source, I think any help you want to volunteer would be cool! This entails: planning, technical design, coding, etc

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I can pitch in wrt UI/UX… unless we want a more down-home feel.

Taking a minute to appreciate your tongue-in-cheek comment :slight_smile: but I don’t think this is going to be a we-host thing. Maybe Droplets (Digital Ocean self-hosting) that are paid for by the courses.


The whole single login thing could easily be managed by enabling FB / google / github / etc login. There’s really no reason to do the whole user management thing anymore.

I’d definitely be interested in helping out with something like this. I’ve spent most of my career working with, building, and teaching people about content management systems.

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So, like, this is the parent thread. We just… start… here… now.

Not sure I’m following you here, in that isn’t by its very nature public golf already saved from capitalism?

I’d estimate the vast majority of public courses don’t cash flow and would close if they weren’t publicly subsidized, and therefore have already been saved from capitalism.

Don’t get me wrong, having more alternatives in the market isn’t a bad thing, and golfnow buying a competitor doesn’t automatically mean they’ll implement their standard pricing models.

If courses that currently use EZlinks are happy with that service/pricing model, it would be incredibly stupid of golfnow to try and “fix” that. If not their entire investment could be wasted as courses switch to other competitors, who offer what they currently enjoy via EZlinks.