Save Georgetown College Golf Programs

Georgetown College (NAIA) in Georgetown, KY has made the decision to get rid of their men’s and women’s golf programs due to financial problems. This decision was made without input from the coaches or players and their families. The golf program is actually one of the few sports at the school that is self-sustaining year-over-year so it’s gotten a lot of negative feedback locally. Due to the negative publicity, the school has said that they will allow the programs to continue operating if they can can raise $100K. Right now the school has raised just over $30K. Please share this news and donate if at all possible in the link below.

Thanks in advance for anything our Nest community can do to help save my alma maters golf programs!

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Used to work at Georgetown’s home course, Cherry Blossom back in the day. Met a lot of good people on those teams. One of the guys was on Big Break (Christian Heavens) and he’s still grinding on the mini tours. Their teams were really involved with first tee and had several (like Christian) that were there via First Tee scholarships. Georgetown also gave opportunities to a lot of kids from out in the state in Kentucky to come there and play golf and get a little relief on tuition. Can’t say enough good things about that program, so I hope things work out that both teams get to stick it out.

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Why has it gotten negative feedback for being self-sustaining? How is that not a good thing?

Sorry for any confusion…it’s gotten negative feedback locally because it makes no sense why they would get rid of golf over other programs that aren’t self-sustaining. They have several teams that lose money year-over-year and chose to get rid of golf. AD is clueless.

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and why even bother to get rid of it?

Ah that totally makes sense. No worries. I’d say the negative feedback is well warranted then!

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Exactly. Makes zero sense. The AD didn’t consult anyone about the decisions. My friend is the Asst AD and Men’s Golf Coach, and he didn’t find out until the decision was made. They also got rid of JV men’s and women’s soccer teams.

This is awful, we had a kid transfer to my NAIA school because one in the same state shut down, despite being self-sustaining as well. Again with no input from team/families. Definitely sharing this

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I am very butt hurt that the shamble doesn’t start after 12:00 or I could play.

That sucks. Is it Title IX related?

Not to my knowledge.

I’m going to work on getting a foursome together.

There are a couple of Georgetown alum in our golf group, and we spend a weekend every year at the prestigious Longview Golf Course just outside of town.

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