Save Cullen


Like most charitable ventures, there will inevitably still end up haves and have nots.


I’ll need to find that thread and read up


You can see it here:


In fairness, they don’t actually bring up that Cullen needs ‘saving’ so much in this film. It was whoever started the thread who brought that up (not sure how they know that). But its from this video that everyone knows about it on NLU.


Hi folks, some interesting reading in this thread. I am currently club captain at Cullen. It is true that Cullen struggles year to year but really hopeful that we can get a structure in place so that Tron’s prediction doesn’t come true. We do indeed have overseas membership which is a new concept for us and still trying to figure out how best to deal with it.

We are also looking into a new club shop which will mean new and improved merchandise available for purchase this year. Check out our Facebook page for updates.

Any ideas which could benefit overseas members then please feel free to pass it on we are always looking for ideas to improve the club.


Hello chap. How about Cullen pro shop becomes the first (and only) European stockist and distributor of NLU merchandise. I’m in the market for a couple of shirts and a pullover but have absolutely no idea on American sizing. This could work.

cc @TheMerchCzar


Maybe have an international Open every 2 years and try and encourage as many international or country members and guests to travel to Cullen. Pair with a local member and play Friday / Saturday competition and a big Stableford competition Sunday.

Probably, like many Scottish clubs, if we had as good as summer weather wise as in 2018, there would be a few extra regular golfers and visitors and that would tip a lot of clubs into much healthier financial positions.


Me too. When buying American clothes I assume the sizes are:

Extra fat


I remember buying a Ralph Lauren shirt in New York for business wear.

I didn’t bother trying it on as it was wrapped up in the usual crazy shirt packaging and was such a great price.

It was a Large and it was easily as generous as a UK XL. I kept that for years as my ‘i’m too fat for my other shirts’ shirt.


Charm school on holidays today…


Actually, most of the boys on here are super skinny. I reckon the NLU sizes are tiny.


Welcome to the Refuge…one of my favorite parts is all of you UK and NI types. Great to see a living perspective on your local golf. Makes me want to get back there sooner than later.


here’s an idea - raise your International rate to £250 or €275 and send them a Scottish wool sweater with the Cullen member’s logo on it. Getting SOMETHING tangible (an in my opinion, NICE) when you join is both endearing, and gives the person a part of the club before they come across the pond. I don’t know what the actual costs would be, but make it slightly more profitable for you (or at least no less profitable)

That amount is relatively tiny. It’s 3-4 rounds at a mediocre track here, less than a guest fee at many of the nicer ones.


In addition to to suggestion above:

Raise the price of the social membership, GBP 10,- is ridiculously cheap. Make it GBP 25,- and send the social members a small token of appreciation, like a ball marker. I’m not in the position to take up an overseas membership, but I’d love to be a social member to assist in keeping a great little course like Cullen alive, and I’m sure that after Tourist Sauce, so will hundreds of other people.


Do top end courses in the US really charge $275+ for a member’s guest?




I imagine an international membership being sort of like a gym membership–it is feasible for a small local gym to have 1000 members because only a small percentage will ever show up to use it.


I just don’t understand…


yeah, a UKer is never gonna understand the pricing set ups here. I pay $1500 a year to have unlimited guests.


I should stop faining indignation, it’s just how it is. I’m playing North Berwick in a couple of weeks with a member pal…for £5 as its winter. Thats just as wrong as $275

Thats a great idea, I’d happily pay a bit more for unlimited guest, would be super incentivised to invite people out.