Sarasota/Bradenton Area

I’m going down to the Sarasota/Bradenton FL area, and will have ample time to golf. Ive played golf in this area multiple times before I’ve become #woke on golf course architecture. A lot of the courses in this area have water hazards on almost every hole and I hate them since I’m coming down from the northeast in the winter and haven’t touched a club in months. Looking for recommendations for afordable playable courses, which have maybe a play all day option or just an awesome range practice area facility.

I’m looking for similar advice - I’m heading down to the Sarasota/Siesta Key area in late March and will only have time to squeeze in one round. Short of driving an hour to Streamsong and paying their max rate (which is still v tempting), I’d like to find a closer option.

I hope you are both prepared for all the “Streamsong is only an hour and a half drive…” comments. :laughing:


I totally had that same idea, but forking over the max rate to play alone just isn’t worth it for me. I’m thinking of some quality bang for your buck places

Totally. My Dad spends a few weeks there every winter, and loves to play The Palms on Beneva. It’s a par 64, and a nice walking course. I have never played it, so I can’t tell you to much more. Designed by Gordy Lewis, whoever that is.

He also mentioned playing The Bobby Jones GC, they have a few courses there.

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Big fan of sarasota national in venice right off of 41. Everything is in front of you and you can score.

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Heading to Sarasota for 1.5 weeks starting on Christmas Day. Playing Streamsong on 1/3, but figured I’d try to play closer to/in Sarasota the rest of the time.

Planning on checking out Sarasota National, maybe a few others. The place we’re staying is right off of Stoneybrook CC and a few other private courses, but most all are private.

Anyone live in the area and want to play?

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Heading over from London in September for two weeks in Sarasota. From what I’ve read the Bobby Jones course is kind of a disgrace but obviously I’ve never played so I can’t speak to that. Anyone able to confirm other than the recommendation above for Palms Golf Club at Forest Lakes?

Happy to host any/everyone at SaraBay CC

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I’ve heard good things about Lakewood Ranch but if TB3Golf is offering to host at Sara Bay (might have to take you up on that in early June if you’re around) that’s a no brainer

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Happy to host. I’ve hosted numerous guys from the Fuge. @jhkaplan being the first

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According to google maps that’s just across the Sarasota Bay from where we’re staying.

Where are you staying?

Longboat Key

Strictly speaking the beachplace apartments down the road from the club.

Nice only about 20 minute drive

Yeah looking forward to it. Haven’t been in the area in over 10 years so I have no idea what to expect of the golf.

My brother lives in Bradenton and have played a bunch of different tracks. I personally like Waterlefe and Lakewood National where the Korn Ferry was 2 weeks ago.

My inlaws are Sarasota residents and I love to be hosted. I’ve heard good things about Sara Bay.

I played at Bobby Jones (actually a blast) and University Park over Thanksgiving. I’ve played Sarasota National in the past.


That’s everywhere in Sarasota… I work less than five minutes from there, would love to get out there sometime but also to meet some local dedicated golfers!

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