Sanderson Farms 2020 Thread

Same, don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Sergio.

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is there something I’m missing with whole good guy/family man angle the broadcast is taking with malnati?

I know Sergio used to waggle like a crazy person but has he always given the grip a handjob before starting his swing?

What a fucking shot by Serg

Sergio is wearing a historically awful shirt.

That is just bad.


Didn’t he get in trouble for some racist tweets a couple years ago? Or am I thinking of somebody else?

That is a terrible flop shot.

Big implications for next week’s fields depending on if the 13’s crack the top 10.

nah he was one of the few golfers who were originally ok with people kneeling during the anthem

That’s a fucking golf shot

Cock of the walk right there.

Unbelievable shot. Very cool reaction from Malnati as well.


Sergio has officially earned his Pinstripes.

He also was wearing a shirt that appeared to support the LGBT community. I was thinking of somebody else.

Sergio is one of the guys I actively root against. Fuck him.

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So 3 guys in the reshuffle finished in the top 10 (Malnati, McCumber, Ventura). This knocked out the top 3 players in the reshuffle category (Gómez, Cabrera-Bello, Burgoon). Since Ventura was already in on a restricted sponsor exemption, the tournament was allowed to choose anyone else in the category for that exemption. Instead of one of the three who were knocked out, they chose Nick Watney.

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I bet that means those three guys get in somehow.

Does Watney have any other connection to the tournament or sponsor connections in that way? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but enjoy your insight.

Two in so far.

He lives in Las Vegas.

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