Sanderson Farms 2020 Thread

If Charley Hoffman is in the lead early on Thursday, you KNOW it’s The Fifth Major.


Apparently, @Soly’s comment about him on the Homa pod fired him up.


That was @djpie!


I don’t know, @Soly. Do you really think that @TheMassHacker would do something like that—just go on the internet and tell lies?


@nmccurley1 I believe you spelled Peacock Classic wrong. I’m sure it was just auto correct :grin:

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Power lines in play off the 9th tee for an auto re-tee? Sweet!


Fine, but I don’t remember hearing you disagree either.

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But if Jimmy Walker’s tied for the lead, is the major really happening?

You sure are quick to throw your colleagues under the bus

Oh thank god, there’s a new FedEx Cup commercial song.

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Wow, I thought last weeks field was bad, but this field is horrible even for a “Fall” season event.

This field got me like:

By most measures, this field is stronger than last week’s.

Somebody check on Ryan French.

Next week’s tournament won’t get far in the reshuffle category, which makes top-10 finishes this week pretty important for those guys (especially with two limited-field tournaments after next week).


Does Sneds lift his right thumb off the grip when he makes a swing?

Also is that Robin Ventura’s kid? I know it ain’t but love an excuse to think about when Nolan Ryan pummeled him. Nolan was the best.

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Um, not exactly. Kristoffer Ventura is Mexican-Norwegian.

Loving all the insight you’re bringing to the table. (Seriously)

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Hell of a round by Malnati. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Postman get the W, just not Sergio.

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