Sand Valley

Planing on getting over to Sand Valley for the day when back in Wisoncin this fall. Only have time to play 1 full 18 and the sand box.
Which full course sould we play this yeat Sand Valley or Mamouth Dunes.

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I would agree on Mammoth. Was the favorite of all 4 in our group, and honestly I don’t think I have met anyone else yet who has disagreed.

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It isn’t that Sand Valley is not as good, it is that Mammoth has a way bigger scale and is a ton more fun. You will get more of the experience of what that property offers by playing Mammoth.


Agree, Mammouth. Course is awesome, it’s a great way to experience the land. SV is great but as Kidd said, Doak had an advantage going second at Bandon and Kidd had the advantage going second at SV.

The Sandbox is awesome, you’ll love that!


Agree on Mammoth. Most fun round of golf I’ve ever played.

Hope you had fun on this trip. Wanted to share my first Sand Valley/Mammoth Dunes experience, which I thought was pretty unique.

A few buddies and I went up there around the beginning of May and we were all very stoked to play. We were actually supposed to play all 36 on a Saturday (BOLD) but much to our dismay they called us on the Thursday before and informed us that they would be shutting down all play for non-resort guests. One of my buddies has a cabin in Nekoosa (Lake Arrowhead) that’s 5 minutes away so we figured we’d stay there.

We threw up a hailmary and told them that we had people coming from all over the US (which was true) for the trip and they were SUPER accommodating and understanding. They were having troubles with growing in Mammoth and Sand Valley was WAY burned out.

They were able to get us a full round at Sand Valley and a modified 12 at Mammoth. Apparently holes 10-15 weren’t playable to the ownership’s liking (TFE did the podcast with Bill Coore and Jim Craig the week prior) and that must have been when the decision was made. Our round at Mammoth was AWESOME. We were among the first guests to get to play it. The staff had a makeshift turn shack with a grill and dollar beers and burgers at 9. We weren’t quite sure how we were going to get from 9 to 16 when an F-250 came out from the trees and a teenager popped out and told us to throw our bags in the back. He drove us through the woods to the 16th tee and told us about his experience working at the course which was super cool.

By the time we got to 16 we were probably the last group out for the day so we played as an eightsome coming in. Probably one of the coolest (and most tiring) golf experiences of my life.


Can we be friends? LOL

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@sundaybag nails it here. I had a great time playing Sand Valley, but LOVED Mammoth Dunes. Unsuccessfully tried to get my group to change flights so we could play it again.

The Sandbox was a great experience. I appreciated the fact that they gave you a quiver bag for the round. Grab a beer or three and play whatever type of shot you want. You can putt, punch a 7, or hit a 58 on basically every hole.

I had fun playing Whistling Straits last fall, but would go back to Sand Valley 9/10 times vs. Whistling.

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God I need to get out there.

Thank you all for your suggestions.
We had a great trip due to a scheduling error we ended up playkng Sand Valley— but had a great time. Course is greatly maintained.
After playing our mrning round we went to the sand box and played an 8some after lunch.
Defiantly auggest stay at the course no hotels withing 45 mins.
Staff in the pro shop great and accommodating
Caddies very knowlegeble
We played erin hills / lawsonia / whistling straits this trip and we all talk about how great Sand Valley was.
Looking forward to playing mamouth next fall and the new Doak course in 2 years

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We were there over Labor Day with a group of pals. Loved both courses and the Sandbox. We stayed on property and it is certainly the best way to do it.

Can’t wait to get back there next summer.

I feel after my SV trip, like what @Tron said after the NLU Scottland trip … it has ruined me for my normal Chicago area golf.


While aggressive, is it feasible to actually play both courses in one day? I’ve got a 24-hour window in May and will attempt to play both courses that day before heading back to fly out of Milwaukee.

Yes. The first weekend in June last year me and a buddy drove up from Madison, played Mammoth, Sand Valley, and the Sandbox, and were back in Madison by 10 PM.

And that was with a 30+ minute delay as a thunderstorm rolled through.

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Play both + the sandbox in 24 hours. Fairly easy walks.


Yes vwry easy i played sand Valley in AM had lunch and than played mamouth and still had time to sneak in sand box.
Stayed at the course the night before helped

I finally booked a trip! Can’t wait!

Playing in early May to take advantage of the cheap rates.


Nice! I think I’m going to try and bookend the steam shovel with rounds out there.

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You might want to book soon, it seems like they are getting pretty full.