Sand Hills, NC Golf Trip

What’s up, Refuge?!

Next week is our annual golf trip, and myself and my group are heading to the Sand Hills of North Carolina for 7 rounds of some of the best golf in the country. Not only is the golf in this area a huge attraction, we also wanted to find a place that we could drive to given the current travel environment (we’re located in PIttsburgh, PA so it’s about a 7 1/2 hour drive). Just wanted to toss this out there to anyone thinking about this area as a destination for their trip, let you know the line up we have set and then follow up after with how the trip went. Check it out:

Thursday - Tobacco Road
Friday - Pine Needles and Mid Pines
Saturday - Talamore Golf Club (New Course) then The Cradle and Thistle Dhu at Pinehurst (!!!)
Sunday - Mid South and Southern Pines
Monday - Pinehurst No 2

We booked a package with a villa through Talamore resort and they were awesome in accommodating our group (shout out to Lorraine at Talamore for all the help and booking all of our tee times!).

Our foursome have been doing this annual golf trip called the BDS (use your imagination) Fiesta for the last three years and we’ll be hard-pressed to find a lineup like this again! We’re pumped to get there and tee it up. If anyone has any suggestions for places we need to hit for a beer or dinner, feel free to let us know, we’re all ears!

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Enjoy - looks like a great lineup. You’re better off posting in the Pinehurst Trips thread: Pinehurst Trips


Hello from 2 hours north in Erie!

Great itinerary for sure. I’ve done two trips down there and have played all the ones you have except Mid Pines and Southern Pines (both rained out).

Pinehurst No. 4 is also amazing. Talamore is a nice warmup round. Nothing fancy about. Same with Mid South Club. Legacy Links was ok, but not my favorite.

The people at the Talamore resort are fantastic (shout out Lorraine!!). Booked 3 trips through them, with this year’s being canceled due to covid. Had zero issues cancelling, and have already started the process to book for next April.

As for food, we just hit up the grocery store and ate at the condo at Talamore. If the weather is nice, I believe there is an outdoor grill area you can use.

Enjoy the trip!

Love that, thanks for the info! We were really wavering on No. 4 or Tobacco Road, but decided to go TR. Will just have to make another trip! Thanks!

TR and 4 are currently my favorite courses I’ve ever played. Played 4 last year and it took over TR as my favorite.

As @raleighdawg pointed out, this question is best posted in the Pinehurst Trips thread. You will find all the feedback you need on these course.

This is a good lineup, enjoy your trip.

I actually did post this over there too, I’ve gotten some really suggestions so far. Appreciate it!


Wow that’s great to hear, you all are getting me even more pumped to get there and tee it up! I love Pinehurst No. 2, by far my all-time favorite course, but I am so psyched to see TR and would love to get out on No. 4 someday too.