Sand and Diamonds

Ever watch a guy crumble?? Meltdown?? Maybe that’s why we love car racing. We love to see the wreck. Maybe, just maybe, we watch another person crumble or crash, it puts our lives in perspective- maybe it makes us feel better or just knowing that we are all human.
I read where there were two houses built. Identical houses. One was built on sand. the other on rock. The only way to tell which foundation was which is when the storms came. The house on sand would then crack and crumble.
From what I also read, a diamond starts out as coal that has been put under immense pressure over time that turns into a precious stone.
It takes pressure in one’s life to see what type of foundation one is built on as well as his true value. This is true in golf… and life as well.
Play on… that was your sermon for today.