Rules question

My club has removed the rakes from our bunkers and have declared them GUR.

Question came up during a match Saturday…do you HAVE to take a drop from GUR or can you play it as it lies?

I’l hang up and listen. Thanks.



Not sure of the official rule, but we have been playing as only preferred lies if you are actually in a disturbed area (i.e. you plug normally, you play it). Also, if you for some reason like your lie in a footprint, you are welcome to leave it. Curious if we’re playing properly, although we’ll probably continue like this as it makes the most logical sense.


First, you aren’t generally required to take relief from GUR, but the Committee can define specific GUR as No Play Zones, and then you MUST take relief. Under the rules, if you want “free relief” from an Abnormal Course Condition in a bunker (which includes GUR), you’re required to drop in the bunker. If you want relief outside the bunker, you still have to take a penalty stroke. However, your course may decide that you are allowed free relief outside the bunker in these unusual times, and they should make that clear if they’re going to have a competition. That’s not actually acceptable under the Rules, as I read 16.1f(1), but I think its pretty much the norm these days.


I had the same take on it yeah, and then considering some courses are still cups up 3" instead of holing out. If you are going to have an outing right now the rules need to be crystal clear with examples and everything.