Rules guys

Who is up to date on latest rules?
Playing in wind today, not like Ireland wind, but windy enough.

Ball on green. I am getting ready to putt. I did not mark or touch ball. Have not grounded putter if that matters anymore. Wind blows ball into putter. I know it’s not a penalty, but how to proceed?

I thought that the new rules were if you didn’t touch it you don’t replace it. So how to proceed if it hit the putter? Thanks!

If you didn’t mark and replace the ball to begin I believe you just play it from the new spot.

Rule 13.1d.

That’s how i interpret it. I just didn’t know if hitting the putter changed things. Thanks!

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Actually, in Decisions, you’ll see an amendment to that rule which reads:

In match play, if the ball of the younger of the two players is moved by the wind, that player shall forfeit the hole and the remaining holes in the match.

If the wind blows the ball belonging to the older player, said older player may pick up the and take whatever score the player wants to take on that hole.

so it depends who you were playing with @Q-school


Ah yes. Make sure everyone is up on that before the Duel.

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Important to know the rules, but also important to read Decisions on the Rules of Golf.


Holy chit, i spit my dinner on my screen and my shirt.

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Little known fact that the rules have some age related caveats. Good for us older guys. Tip o the hat to Laz for the reminder.

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Laz is the hero we deserve

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Is this like the R&A Mishna?

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Aw, shit.

You’re not a full blown golf tragic if you’re not familiar with Decisions.

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Full blown golf tragics know its called interpretations now…


Terminology aside. The analogy was less about knowing the interpretations exist and more about the interpretations in the rules of golf and the Mishna and Laz comedic retort, being made by ranking patriarchs and should be read more like an opinion piece rather than fact.

But alas it’s late and prob shouldn’t have even gone this deep.

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I had a rules situation today where I was wrong. I drove my ball into lateral hazard. Found the ball. Hit it from hazard (poorly). Lost ball. I thought I did not have option to drop a ball in the hazard to play 4th shot, turns out I did have that option. Instead I took the hazard relief. It just seemed odd to drop a ball in a lateral hazard.

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How much ob is there at pasatiempo? Have they adopted the new ob rule?

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Quite a bit of OB actually. The course is elongated, very few interior holes. I’ve hit it OB on every hole except 7, 12, & 15. #15 is the only hole where there isn’t really a rational way that a ball goes OB. I’ve seen 12 and 7, but those are really bad shots. #6 left is probably the most likely OB.