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Was going to post on my twitter account, but couldn’t find wording that didn’t sound impolite:

Has ANYONE used the past 6-8 weeks of forced downtime to study the USGA rulebook or take even one 30 minute online quiz?

Can’t say I’ll have much sympathy over the next few years for any professional, college player, or career mid Am who costs themself strokes or a DQ for not knowing at least basic and medium hard rules.



You oughta turn this thread into rules trivia. Hone your own skill through research, and teach us lazy folks something in the mean time.


I try to read through the rules once per year, during winter when I’m itching for golf. Last year after the rules change, I took two rules seminars from the GSGA (one through my club, and one because my daughter was on a high school golf team.)

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Short answer: No.

I feel like I already have a strong grasp on the rules. The decisions… not as strong, but who wants to read that!

This could go in the “life hacks” section, but…

  • When in doubt, use the two ball rule, and ask someone which score is the official score later.

Other tricks:

  • Free drops are one club length from nearest point of relief. If you are taking a penalty stroke, it’s two club lengths.

  • Remember that a penalty stroke for a penalty area or an unplayable is one stroke. It’s the equivalent of hitting it from the water or the bush to the spot you are dropping. When in doubt, just take the drop cause taking the hack is probably not worth it



Corny saying I heard once was: one is free, but if you are paying you get two.

  • It doesn’t matter the situation, you always have the option for stroke and distance aka re-hitting the same shot with a stroke penalty (obviously OB forces this on you). Don’t like the drop zone, a slope you’d be dropping on, etc? Just re-hit the last shot (or you can use the flag/point of entry in a line drop if you have that option) This even applies if you skull a bunker shot into some bad place in the woods… you can re-hit the bunker shot with stroke and distance
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Not unheard of for Oakmont members to take stroke and distance after a missed putt


My oldest and closest friend who is an active Refugee, the one and only @Even_Parker (playing together today) had a nickname to beat all nicknames…


You think it’s about reading the Rules? That’s for beginners. Real geeks read The Decisions on the Rules of Golf.



Huh? Like, I miss a slick downhill 7 footer, rather than play the 25 footer coming back up the hill, I try the slick 7 footer again?!?!?

I’d appreciate it if you would STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS/NIGHTMARES OKAY.


Maybe it’s cause they missed the downhill 7 footer and it rolled 30 yards down the fairway? Haha


I think it’s more, I miss a 2 footer and have a 40 footer coming back. Could for sure see it in Oz where putting into bunkers is not uncommon.


Didn’t they stop publishing the separate decisions book sometime back?

We have our first men’s club event net week and from what I’m seeing (looking directly at @NineTo5Golf) there will be controversy. Basically “preferred lies” in all bunkers is going to be abused all day. Grosses me out.

Dreams/nightmares? I did that in a round on Wednesday :rofl:

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Tough scene

It was way more hosel-adjacent than skulled… but yeah, tough scene

@BeenMacKenzied guilted me out of using this at Pebble last week, and I predictably went bunker to bunker. Scumbag.

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I think 2016 was the last decisions. My favorite years are 2006 and (of course) 2009. @Even_Parker has read them all.