Rory - why is he the most "talented" player on tour?


Talent breaks down to individual skills in my opinion. Spieth isn’t the best at anything, and his game isn’t the prettiest to watch, but he seems to just grind it out when he really needs to. He is the Furyk of this generation (he is better than Furyk but it’s a reasonable comparison).


I actually had this conversation one week ago and felt the same then as I do now. It’s actually why I wagered on Brooks to win the US American Open. Brooks is so underappreciated, probably not as much now that he won back-to-back US Opens, but after watching him in play in person 2 years ago it was eye opening. He is an absolute freak of a golfer, just amazing at everything.


His iron play is up there with the best of them.


You’d be one of the few then. I still don’t think he is one of the first 3-5 names out of most peoples mouths, even today. I think Rory, DJ, JT, Day would be widely considered more talented and have the track record to back it up. I love his game but just can’t get on board with him being considering a talent of the same caliber as Rory and DJ.


While he was out with the wrist injury, it was mentioned, but no one was DYING to have Brooks back. Jason WDs from a pro-am and it becomes a major story line.


He isn’t mainstream yet, but he will be. If you ever have the chance to watch him hit balls on the range do it. The sound and flight is just different than most other guys, it’s truly a sight to behold.

I think I should change my name to #1KoepkaFan unless it’s already taken.


That’s because Day fakes illness 3-5 times a year to get out of pro-ams or for built in excuses and it is a joke


Thanks for hammering home my point exactly. Day’s BS antics have historically been more appealing of a story line then Brooks being out of the field for an extended period of time. Brooks fan appeal just wasn’t there even after 2017 US Open.


You get one pick between Rory, DJ, JT, Spieth, and Brooks. Of those players, which of their careers would you want to have 10 years from now?

I can’t talk myself out of Spieth.


This is what I thought as well. Sunday at Bay Hill was a big reminder as to what golf was like at the end of 2014. The second Tiger hit it OB on 16 was around the same time Rory switched gears, and you could feel the entire tournament end in that timeframe. I didn’t care Bryson was lurking around because they should have just handed McIlroy the trophy when he chipped in on 15. The birdie on 18 exemplified that.

Point is when Rory wants to be the best, he is absolutely the best. The 2011 US Open from start to finish, the weekend of the 2012 PGA, and the first three rounds of the 2014 Open were all examples of Rory showing up to the majors and telling everyone to eat his dust. When he won at Quail Hollow for the first time, that was the first glimpse of him showing us what he’s capable of.

I think DJ is the only one who can come close to Rory when everyone is peaking. It’s a shame the 2016 Open doesn’t happen at every major where we see two stars just crushing everybody, and let them duke it out mono e mono to see whose apex is higher. I thought for a brief second on Friday night of the 2016 Masters we would get that with Jordan and Rory, and instead freaking Danny Willet won.



He’s on the start of the upswing of his best years. He’s the most motivated of any of these guys, to catch up to what they’ve done. He has the game to obliterate Augusta. He’ll come close to breaking, or maybe break the scoring record there. Spieth is a very close second for me. I would say DJ if we wasn’t so much older than the other guys.


Rory and DJ might be on the downswing, Spieth will contend until he is 40, and Brooks and JT are on the upswing. Hard to say but probably Spieth as he already has 75% of the grand slam accomplished.


One weird pattern I’m hoping we don’t see but which might be turning into a thing, is guy’s breaking big and then falling away. So Rory turns up as a kid, smashes it, then goes through a bunch of lean years major wise. I think Spieth is exceptional at winning majors but I can easily see him going through a rough patch if he can’t get his putter going (he’s very like Phil in that he gets himself into bad positions frequently and manages to still get the ball in the hole, but it’s so on the edge that just a small drop in form and he goes from winning to MC).

Tiger, let’s not forget, won 14 majors by the age of 32… and none since. Yes, injury, dick wages to pay, etc. But it is what it is.

It used to be that golfers grew into greatness. Player is a classic example. Most took a few years to mature on tour and got better with age (look at Rose & Stenson).

But maybe we’re seeing a period where they turn up and win big young, then stop winning as they get in their own way. I hope not. I want to see Rory winning 6 more before he’s 35. But you never know.

And I discount DJ from these conversations. He has got better with age but people talk about him like he’s one of these hot new kids and he’s not. He’s 34. And has only won one major. If you look purely at the stats on paper DJ is a B+ at best.

As for why people think Rory is the best, which was the original point of this thread, there are a bunch of reasons. His swing is Hoganesque perfect. He hammers his driver. He hits his irons so damn high and long he can drop a 5 iron on a green running 12 in the stimp and hold it. He’s great out if the sand. But more than all of those is his approach to the game. Since he was a kid he attacked everything without fear. He hit a drive into the lake? No matter, he’d drop and wallop a 5 wood 265 of pure carry over the same lake and drop it 5 feet from the hole. No fear of failing.

The other players know that when he’s on form he’ll play the golf course in ways they never would. It’s like being an amateur golfer and seeing a pro just look at your course differently. Why go down the fairway with an iron and then wedge it up when they can grab a 3 wood and hit it over 100 foot trees 300 yards straight to the green. They just see it differently and Rory sees it differently to them. He’ll try things they never would and when he was young he’d pull it off and everyone would shake their head in disbelief. It’s why so many people love watching him play. Seeing him take a course apart is something to behold.

The problem recently is Rory still plays the same way. But he hasn’t been pulling it off. No one knows why. Not even him.


I think a big reason for this is money. Purses and sponsorships are so large now. Now that Rory has private jets, mansions and a hundred million in the bank; why would he go grind on the practice range?


I agree 100%, and more power to him. I do think this what frustrates people about him though, Tiger had all those things multiplied by 10 and still just wanted to go out and step on people’s necks. Does Rory have a big game hunter mentality, or is he now at the point that if it’s clicking he’ll lap the field, but if it’s not…well, on to next week.


I’ve never bought this idea that Rors doesn’t care because he’s rich. He’s never been motivated by money. His motivation is to win majors.

He does go out and grind on the range. If anything he does too much. He broke a rib last year because of it remember.

Because of the way he plays it’ll always be feast or famine. I accepted that long ago. If he’s on it’s ridiculous. If he’s off he’ll hit the 2nd ball into the lake with the 5 wood and miss the cut. It’s all or nothing. He’ll never grind out abiding win with ugly pars. He plays the beautiful game.

But why is he not on very often? Truth is he could go on a run tomorrow for the next 6 months and win 2 majors and we’ll all feel like idiots.

But I worry that winning too much too young is the problem. When life seems to give you what you want just by asking, when winning falls into your lap, it’s hard to know where to go when suddenly that stops happening.

You take Tommy Fleetwood for example. Great young golfer. Everything going his way. Then suddenly it all fell apart. And he found a way back. All golfers are terrified of golf hell, but Tommy isn’t now because he’s been there and knows the road home.

It’s not simply character building. It’s about learning to question. About asking for help. About understanding that winning is about more than wanting to. When your game is built around natural ability it’s terrifying to contemplate that disappearing.

It’s why Rory plays his best when his heads up and he’s strutting. He believes in himself. In his own myth.

But right now he’s lost because he can’t find it. He keeps hoping it’ll miraculously come back. And it might.


I think what I’m getting at is winning young doesn’t teach you to win.


I agree with what you said above, but i’m not sure if it’s necessarily about age. More so on HOW you win. Rory usually dominates the field in all of his wins, and was never asked to grind out wins.

Take this years Masters as an example, it was essentially him verse Reed and he collapsed. It was essentially mono y mono and he collapsed. If he believed in “the myth of Rory” he would have went out there and stepped on Reed’s throat. He’s hardly been asked to grind out wins in majors, because when he’s good - he’s great.


Exactly. Missing the fairway on 1 and then missing the eagle putt just killed him. He should have reeled in those 3 shots in 2 holes and had he done that he would have run away with it.

But he didn’t and his shoulders dropped. It was like he couldn’t believe it didn’t happen for him.


I was really pulling for him too…