Rory - why is he the most "talented" player on tour?

Other then the obvious beautiful powerful swing, rhythm, balanced finish, why have I kept hearing and keep hearing that Rory is the most talented player on tour? What does he do that others can’t that separates him? Why does he have this “other gear” that other players seemingly don’t?

Curious as to other takes. I think its all about the golf swing but maybe I am wrong.

(I am a big Rory fan, and I do hope he starts winning some majors sooner rather then later.)

I think the idea is that he can do things on the course that others simply can’t. His length, when accurate, allows him to hit shots into greens that others can’t because they’re hitting longer clubs. He’ll hit wedge when others are 7 / 8 iron. Which also means he can hit 5 / 6 iron when others are hitting 3 / 4 iron or even hybrid / fairway wood. Making par 5s into medium / long 4s. He can also hits shots when needed (and when on form) that few have in their arsenal. The height he gets on his longer irons allows him to go at pins others shy away from.

That’s my thoughts anyway. And yes, the swing and balance are a sight to behold. Was the same when he was in his teens and ridiculously good compared to his peers.

It’s the swing. When he’s “on” with the driver, which happens a lot, he’s essentially placing the ball wherever he wants in the fairway with as much distance as anyone. Other guys just physically can’t do what he does. There are thousands of great golfers in the world working their tails off to improve and they will never get to where he is with is swing, particularly with the driver.

And he basically had that swing when he was 4 years old, so there is a lot of “talent” there. Not that he doesn’t work hard, but some people just born with certain abilities and an amazing golf swing is something that Rory just has.

I think when you take how players perform when they are firing on all cylinders and compare to other players when they are doing the same, no one except for DJ and Koepka are in the same tier. I think those 3 players have more talent that anyone else on tour.

In my opinion, if we are comparing everyone’s A game, I think Rory stands at the top in a tier by himself. We often see him striping drives and flagging irons but if he’s pouring in putts, the entire leaderboard takes notice and sphincters get tighter. I don’t think any other player has that effect. DJ is probably the next closest and maybe Spieth. Spieth’s run on Sunday at the Masters turned a lot of heads. Koepka is a baller but I don’t think he’s in the same class as those other guys quite yet.

“A game” Tiers

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Rory “was” the most talented player on tour. For at least two solid seasons now, you can make an argument that several guys have surpassed him. If Rory, DJ, and JT are all playing their A+ games, I think Rory is probably still the best, but the it’s by a very, very slim margin. We haven’t seen Rory’s A+ game for a long time though.

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We saw it at Bay Hill this year, especially with the Sunday 64. No one was going to catch him.

Comparing A games; what can Rory do that DJ and Brooks cannot? Both hit it just as far and straight (maybe even farther) and can knock down flag sticks all day long? Honestly, I’m starting to think Brooks may have the best A game out there due to his putting and short game superiority over the other 2.

JT is an honorable mention, but Spieth’s A game just isn’t on the same level. He has even admitted such.

Agreed on Spieth. His A game, or his talent level, isn’t close to some of these other A listers we are talking about.

Which is one of the reasons why I love him so much. He is the least talented of the major stars, has the most pedestrian swing… and yet he has accomplished so much on such big stages at such an early age. Which is so impressive. I love Speith and love that people are counting him out. Cant wait for his next big moment.

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Correct, Spieth just has a knack for getting the ball in the hole in big moments. When he is in contention on Sunday in a major, he always has a chance. Can’t say the same for other guys.

Can this not be perceived as the definition of “talent”? Physically gifted or not, that sounds like the peak of talent in golf to me.


I think we most people say “talent” they are referring to physical talent.

Spieth is obviously very talented between the ears but that not what we anyone is typically talking about when they refer to “raw talent”.

Brooks is benefiting from some serious recency bias, in my opinion. If we have this conversation a week ago, there is little chance anyone brings his name up. He hasn’t really shown to have that extra gear that Rory, DJ, Spieth have. Is anyone really worried that Brooks is going to run away with it or is going to chase down the leaders? He’s just sort of there and doesn’t screw up too badly. At least that’s the sense I get.

I also believe Spieth’s A game is being very underappreciated. It doesn’t “look” as sexy as Rory or DJ because he doesn’t have the incredible driving ability, but he can fire at flags with the best of them. And if he starts seeing the cup be the size of a manhole cover, he’s incredibly deadly. Sunday at Augusta this year, Sunday at Birkdale, Sunday at Colonial in '16. Those are all times where you saw him get into an extra gear that not everyone has. We have not seen that from Brooks.

So is Shaq the most “talented” center of all time? I’d argue that a Tim Duncan is more “talented” then Shaq. Both exceptional champions of the game, but one having a physical ability that is unmatched vrs. someone with unbelievable talent and knowledge for the game - allowing for his talent to make up for any physical disadvantage.

This may be my fault as I sort of changed the conversation in response to munihack7. My tiers weren’t talking about raw talent, just comparing guys at their peak when they put it all together.

Spieth was the first guy to ever get to -19 at The Masters but his A game isn’t close to the same level?nick-young-confused-face-300x256_nqlyaa


I should probably be more clear as to what exactly I am talking about…
I am talking raw, physical ability to hit certain golf shots that others can’t hit.
This means distance, height, shot shape, etc. The ability to hit it high and far and stop the ball on a dime.

Can Spieth get hot and start sticking his approaches super close (yes, he’s one of the very best), or chip in sand shots? yes. And we all know how hot he can get with the putter and drain long ones.

But Spieth can’t bomb it like Rory, JT or even Ricky off the tee… who are all shorter than him (let alone the big guys like Brooks and DJ and Day) and he can’t hit a towering 6 iron 200, uphill, into the wind like Tommy Fleetwood did on 18 yesterday… or the 3wood that JT hit on 18 at Erin Hills on Saturday that carried 290 and stopped on a dime on the green. Nor is his swing speed ever going to stack up with these guys. Thats raw talent.

No different than saying Jay Cutler (at one point) or Matt Stafford has the best raw arm strength in football. The ability to throw a 20 yard out route from the left hash to the right sideline. This is what I am talking about. And we all know thats only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to championship QBs.

Anywho - back to my original point… IMO, he lacks the same raw talent, raw physical ability to hit certain shots - his swing is very blue collar and everyday-man… which only makes me love him even more. Dude can beat the best without possessing the same God given ability. He’s a people’s champ!


He’s won 4 majors. Before the age of 30 he already got himself to T20 in all time major winners.

It sounds like we are in agreement then and were just talking about two different things. By no means do I think he’s a raw talent like Rory or DJ, as far as full swings go. He just doesn’t have a lot of the shots they do.

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I’d like this response more than once if it was allowed.

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