Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Never lower than a 3, sadly.

You out near hartford? we’re playing Friday

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But according to NBC, a 10mph wind this weekend on The Old Course was just unbearable for the pros…

Oh I meant club. I’ve heard of people playing chippy 8/9 or going full out on a 60, and some just play for a kick off the rocks

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No you don’t. It’s an absolute Bear.

Haha. I’d enjoying shooting 90 that way. I’d get mad shooting 90 at my local track.

I got an invite to play Erin last Monday for a Thursday afternoon round. We really lucked out with 75 & sunny with a minimal breeze. Everything was phenomenal. Played the blue tees and shot 90 with no shame



Coming to the central Wisconsin area for August 17-22. Brewers vs Dodgers, Kendrick Lamar, Mammoth/Sand Valley

Anybody want to join me for a twilight round at Lawsonia Links on August 20th? Only thing I haven’t booked yet.

Let me know if you need tickets for Brewers - Dodgers

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Got a seat already but thank you for the offer.

In that case let me know which game(s) you’re going to and I’ll try to make it down for a beer!

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August 17th!

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Eagle Springs?


wow, I am dumb. Yes, I read that wrong… but agreed, that is a good question.

Just got done playing EH today, and gusted up to 30. Definitely was the windiest I’ve played in here (10+rds), but was probably the most fun. Definitely not the norm this time of year


Jeez Louise. That only took 2 days for me to eat my words. Glad to hear you had a good day. That’s a lot of wind.

I was thinking about sneaking a round in there. Could do like the morning of the 21st.


Not entirely… totally not a normal wind when I’ve played there. Was more just interesting that we had the conversation the other day and then get it today

I may be able to make 8/21 at Eagle springs work


I expect snacks if you join

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