Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

MCC fuqs

Does Lake Park Par 3 still exist? If so my memory tells me that would be a fun meetup. (And I’d drive over from MSN for it.)

(I played it once 14-15 years ago in a work league. We did a one club round and remember people getting into some truly sick places.)

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Never, ever call it that. That would be Minocqua Country Club. They are Milwaukee or Milwaukee CC. I got scolded by the guy who has hosted me in the past for that.

I’ll expand:

It’s an awesome place to play, but it isn’t an awesome place for a meetup of refugees.



It sure does. It’s not in as good of shape as it used to be, but it’s still a great time if you’re going to just go slap it around with a bigger group.


And now I’ll never call it anything but.


Even on an internet message board?


I for one, would love to see the Refugees take on #8, #11, & #12.

Anyone playing in the State Am starting tomorrow? Would like to send out good vibes to any guis playing and keep an eye on the scoring


Nope, missed it by 2.

Traveling across WI on Friday to a buddies bachelor party. Leaving the cities to i think Mountain WI? North of Green bay

A. Where should I play that’s semi along the route? looks like traveling across Eau Claire and Wasau?

B. Anybody up for playing with? Playing a round in the cities i should be done by 10 ish so whatever travel time would be needed from there

I’m very familiar with the area. Wild ridge in Eau claire and Bass Lake in Antigo would be my two recs along that path. The course I grew up playing is Pine Valley in Marathon, which is your standard short midwestern layout with nothing that special. The beer is cold though.

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I always enjoyed playing Pine Valley, just a fun muni track. that 17 hole is always fun to hit… I second his recommendation on Wild Ridge, really good course, just don’t attempt to walk it. If you have any connections @BTfromDelta that could get you on Wausau CC, do it. There’s also Troy Burne, near the WIsco/Minny border.

If you’re going to Iron Mountain, MI, I’d say forget everything we’ve said and drive up to Marquette and play Greywalls, you won’t regret it.

Minocqua CC is also a good one if you can get on. or Sweetgrass and Sage Run near Escanaba, WI


Forecast for next weeks Kohler visit is showing low 80s and low winds and low rain %. Is this typically early bird outlook or am I trending towards all time condities?

The low wind is surprising. But 80 and sunny is why people tolerate this god forsaken winter every year.


Thanks for the recommendations!

I have zero connections to the private course scene especially over in Wisconsin, will most likely need to be a public track

Part of me wants to play Erin Hills with 30+ mph winds but also, I’d like to actually put up a decent score.

30+ never really happens at Erin. I’ve played in 30 at straits and it was incredibly difficult but it wasn’t a crosswind, which would make it impossible.

There’s always time for the forecast to change, and it’s never truly calm here. Calm is 10 mph of wind. Hope for good weather, as I live here and will also be playing golf :slight_smile:

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An easy way to strike up a conversation with a north central WI golfer is to ask what they hit on 17 at PV.