Roll Call: Wisconsin - The Season Begins

Algo-ed my way here. No idea who these guys are, but I’m a sucker for all things WI. They run through all the big time public tracks. I am sure I will hate it.


Idk what this is, but it gets a like for becoming my post-mow YouTube entertainment tonight.


Much better quality production than I expected. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of their videos.


Had some guys last minute drop a trip due to biz deals and graduations. If anyone wants to join for a round or 2 feel free to reach out or call and add yourself to tee times. I plan on dropping 3 of our guys on Thursday so it should be open then. I understand single rounds can be pricey but thought Id shoot my shot.

June 10 - Erin Hills 11am and 11:10am
June 11 - Irish 10:50am and 11am
June 12 - Straits 9:20am and 9:30am
June 13 - Blackwolf Run 9:30am and 9:40am. Baths 3:48pm and 4pm
June 14 - Meadow Valleys 7:40am and 7:50am

I was able to play a small part in this project and get some facetime in the Erin Hills ep.

Kyle and Jeff produced this on behalf of the WSGA for marketing purposes and I think they did an awesome job.


Bad news Lac La Belle stans, I’m jumping ship after I just learned this year’s absolute horseshit twilight offering. 9 holes only, after 4:00, with a cart…$85 (!!!), wait sorry, forgot to add they’re not calling it twilight.



I’m very very VERY tempted to go tonight and see if they try and stop me at the turn.

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Live look at me driving by in 20 minutes


i’ll throw this out there –

GN members can bring guests at 3 p.m. or later for just the cart fee. $30.

would be happy to bring a group whenever!


I will be taking you op on this.


Also interested in stopping on future trips up to the fam farmhouse.

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Dropping a cross post here if anyone in the area has eyes on a Lido time in August. 2 nights lodging and tee times on all courses at Sand Valley all lined up for an interested party to join. DM me if you have interest and want more details.

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I heard a LLB ad on the radio this morning and now I think the universe is targeting me.