Roll Call: Wisconsin (matchplay signup link post 988)

Weekend was fantastic, thanks for asking! 4 rounds in 3 days was tiring but well worth it. Erin Hills was amazing, as it was before, and will continue to be. Lawsonia was in great shape, actually think the Woodlands course is underrated. Also, get the wings in the restaurant next time you go. Washington County is always great, my buddy couldn’t believe that was the course I get to play every week. Overall successful indoctrination, next time he comes, it will be Sand Valley.


Sounds good - I’ll see what Friday looks like and when/if you figure something out I’ll let you know.

I will second what @Slick said. Depending on the timing, I could possibly make the drive back towards Madison to play @chrisisoutrunning

y’all should play The Oaks

Holy shit that 4th green. I’m intrigued. I’ll have to get up there soon.

It’ll take some time for all the grass and bunkers to mature, but they have some very good bones. 1, 4, 15, 16, and 18 greens are especially large and/or wild. It’ll be really cool.


Currently planning a 6 or 8 man golf trip to Lawsonia in September. Not much of a trip because it’s 2.5 hours away, but it’s over two nights.

18 Friday
36 Saturday
18 Sunday

That’s the current plan, finding a Green Lake AirBNB for the trip.

Any other tips for Lawsonia? Green Lake advice? First golf trip I’ve planned, so all insight welcomed.

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Did you look at the Moreau house? Me and my buddies were going to stay there looks pretty funny. Definitely a bonding experience with those single beds packed in tight.

Nah, it’s pricey compared to what I can find elsewhere.

Let me know where you end up staying. Going there later this golf season.


Y’all should …not? play The Oaks

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Close to home and a fun variety of holes, but I’m giving the Oaks a slight downgrade this year. Been scoring well there but always longing for the round to be over only a few holes in.

Poorly timed aeration with the huge tines that seemingly still haven’t fully healed - greens are still pretty unpredictable IMO. 2nd green is borderline unplayable some days. People/balls all over the front nine and lots of wear on some of the tee boxes and greens.

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Any time I’ve played there with any amount of other people on the course, I basically fear for my life for 1/3 of the round. The course is just laid out with too many landing zones/greens in play from other tees/fairways. (I’m looking at 1, 3, 4, 6, and 17)


If it is somewhere around Madison I may be able to make it out.

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Depending on where you stay on the lake, you should go to Reilly’s Pub one of the nights. Great patio and great food.

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So with this being said, I think we need to bring the WI Meetup back into play. Hoping this generates some legs and we can be the official Lock Q for the Midwest. Just wanted to get everyones feedback and see if we could the numbers for this. Let me know what you guys think.


Live in Western WI so I occasionally lurk through the MN Contingent thread and seems like geography/proximity allows them to be much more active in-terms of meetups. But would definitely be interested in a meetup!

What part of western WI?

Just north of La Crosse!