Roll Call: Wisconsin (matchplay signup link post 988)

I swore off Yahara the summer-before-last due to the conditions there being horrendous at times. Went back a few times and for the pub links. Pains me to say it, but the greens this past year were some of the best I played all summer.

Hi all. Just joined the Refuge. Returning to the Milwaukee area (hopefully) after taking a year off to travel. Looking forward to getting back into golf. Hopefully my handicap doesn’t completely blow up.

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Welcome, and welcome back!

Surprised to see Minocqua CC so far down your list. I played there for the first time this past summer and was blown away. It’s probably the best course north of Wausau imo. Maybe cost factored in? I didn’t personally pay for my round, so I’m not 100% sure what they charge, but I know the membership fees are kinda crazy for the location. I think they bank on all the FIBs coming up to their summer cabin.

Hey there! Im from Appleton, WI and I play off of 3.2. I play most of my golf out at Fox Valley Golf Club or Crystal Springs in Seymour.

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Hello and welcome!

From MN here, just wondering everyone’s thoughts on Erin Hills of those who have played it. Worth the money? Plan is to go in May where it’ll be $295. Is a caddie needed?

Worth every penny, walking with a caddie is a great experience.

The course is so intoxicating to the point that one time my dad was watching me play in a college event near by and he left after 5 holes to go squeeze in 9 at Erin Hills.

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Damn, high praise! If any others have any input I would love to hear it.

I personally did not have to pay (I promise I’m not bragging, just sharing context!), but I’d say it is worth it. I went near the very end of last year when the fescue was cut down and they had some sand in the approach areas and still was enjoying myself. I imagine it’d be even more fun if the ball is rolling out everywhere.

I didn’t take a caddie but I believe they’d be helpful in picking lines because not everything is easily visible. Overall though it was a lot of fun and I think I’m going back this upcoming season. It is pricier but pretty reasonable to say you’ve played a U.S. Open course. The place is freaking massive the land is pretty wild and memorable. How JT had the physical and mental energy to hit the 3 wood into 18 green at the end of his round is astonishing, haha.

One more thing: the walk is hard, especially early on. Just want to prepare you for that :smile:


I have heard the walk is tough. I wonder how hard it would be after a 5 hour drive to get there and then drive another hour to Milwaukee after that :grimacing:

If a big fella like me can survive, I believe you’ll make it as well, haha. You can take comfort in knowing that you’ll sleep really well that night

I think it’s worth it! I played 3 rounds out there this past season and I appreciated it more every time. Not often you get the opportunity to play a major championship venue.

Definitely would recommend a caddy, though. There are several blind tee shots that can really mess you up if you don’t pick the right line.

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Played Erin the year before they hosted the US Open. Rainy and cold spring day, such an awesome walk and some of the most fun I’ve ever had on the course.

100% worth it. It’s firmly planted in my top 3 favorites anywhere. You definitely don’t need a caddie if you’re used to carrying. There’s no push carts allowed, so keep that in mind. It is a hike, for sure, but it’s very doable. Especially in May. Middle of July could be brutal…

Mid AM is a ton of fun played in it a couple of years, nice mix of abilities and eliminates all the high school and college players that you would find in the State AM

To me it depends on your skill level, it is a tough test of golf but alot of fun.

I’m a 3 so I’ll be fine, I’m not planning on playing the tips or anything. My pops usually shoots in the 90-100 range. As long as he plays the right tees I’d assume he’d still have a blast.

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Yeah you’ll be good, should be alot of fun, enjoy the experience

Hello all! Just moved to Hartford, WI from Wilmington, NC. Right now I am 13.7, been craving to play some since I left NC. I don’t have a home course yet, but looking for suggestions and playing partners when the weather gets warm. Cheers!