Roll Call: Wisconsin (matchplay signup link post 988)

We did this together.

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I played Wild Rock for the first time earlier this year on a 50* rainy day.

I can’t wait to get back there.

If it’s in the itinerary to play there, I’d do that before Sentryworld.

I’m not sure I’d turn down another round on the Links or either of the courses at SV (when you’re already there though).

What style of beer do you like? There’s something for everyone, but it really depends on your preferences.

Ya I looked closely at Wild Rock and Sentry World and I’d take Wild Rock easily by the look of things. 36 should be enough at Lawsonia. I’m a fan of moon man, but I mostly drink cheap beer and mid-priced whiskey these days. Keeps the hangovers away most of the time.

Chiming in a bit late @chockfullofthat - I would recommend Wild Rock or Trappers Turn in WI Dells. Both are fun with a good challenge. I see you have Eagle Springs on your list and likely so because of The Fried Egg endorsement. I caution the drive time to get there from SV. You are looking at a solid 2.5+ hours to go to a 9-hole course without much frills. Cool holes, yes, but IMO it doesn’t match your other 3 courses on the list.

I would +1 the Lake Arrowhead recommendation. This course used to be a destination until SV took all the attention and their customers. Literally right down the road from SV. Would be a good way to maximize golf and minimize drive time.

Eagle Springs is on the way home is the main reason. We might jam in 18 tho somewhere else along the way home

WI Golfers, my aunt used to have a place in Oconomowoc and she told me they just renovated a course in the area. I cannot remember the name for the life of me, but the place looks great. Think the reno was finished in 2018 or 2019. If you guys could help me out, I’m trying to put together my course list for 2020.

The course is Lac la Belle. It is not quite finished with the renovation they did have some preview play going on in 2019. When I talked with them when I went out there for the preview play they were expected to be fully running in June 2020. The place was great and they had a nice big putting course that looked fun also.


Bingo, thanks for the help!

How 'bout this Wisconsin weather? Got out for 18 yesterday (Dec 23!), and other than some short game problems with the super slow greens, played pretty well and had a blast. Almost needed a hammer to get the tee in the ground, but the course was in good shape. Anyone else getting in some holiday golf?

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I’m jealous! I’m guessing the whole course was playing firm and fast? It’s nice up here, but we still have a good 6 inches of snow. I did get to Top Golf when visiting the in-laws in Minneapolis. That’s about as close as I will get.

Tee time set for 1:03 tmrw. Walking 9 at The Oaks.

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I played the nine hole preview while it was available and thought it was great. I look forward to getting a chance to play the full 18. They purchased land across the street and the first four holes will begin there. This will eliminate a lot of the flooding issues that plagued the prior course. The picture shows the preview score card and a general map of the layout.

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Wasn’t quite as warm as I thought it would be but did end up getting to play 14 holes yesterday afternoon. Anyone else get out?

I like Wild Rock. Especially on a Sunday the value can be very good as you can usually find a deal for $59+tax to play there.

Staying in Milwaukee in September for the Ryder cup, looking for suggestions on one more course to play on our trip within about 30-40 minutes from Milwaukee, we are already playing brown deer park and the bog, any recommendations would be great! FYI not looking to pay $350 for Erin Hills in late September!

The Bull is a solid and very difficult track within an hour of Milwaukee and close to Whistling Straits. I think sometimes they jack up their rates around the majors and big events though. Washington County is a great muni course too.



Lawsonia hovers around $100 and is a bit above your desired travel range, but that’s probably the best value you would get. Washington County is good too, and the price is lower than Lawsonia. Depending on where in Milwaukee you are, those might be a little long of a drive, but not bad.

If you’re looking for a little bit cheaper and closer, I’d say Naga-Waukee which is 30-40 minutes max away from Milwaukee and shouldn’t run you more than $50. Cool elevation changes and a sick view of the lake from 15 tee.


@charvey & @hellofriends thanks for the recommendations. I had looked at The Bull but we have 8 guys coming in with handicaps ranging from 4-25 figured The Bull would be too tough for the higher cap guys. Lawsonia was my #1 to play when setting up the trip but the guys I’m going with don’t want to make the 1.5 hour trip up north, guess I’ll have to get up there another time. Washington County looks like it should fit our group great! Thanks again guys!

Saw a article a few days ago that The Bull is headed to a sheriff’s sale. Didn’t know this place was in trouble, but hopefully it will remain in business when all is said and done. A stiff challenge, but one of my favorite courses in the state - beautiful setting and you have to think your way around the place.

Anyone else have additional insight?

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