Roll Call: Wisconsin (matchplay signup link post 988)

Y’all should …not? play The Oaks

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Close to home and a fun variety of holes, but I’m giving the Oaks a slight downgrade this year. Been scoring well there but always longing for the round to be over only a few holes in.

Poorly timed aeration with the huge tines that seemingly still haven’t fully healed - greens are still pretty unpredictable IMO. 2nd green is borderline unplayable some days. People/balls all over the front nine and lots of wear on some of the tee boxes and greens.

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Any time I’ve played there with any amount of other people on the course, I basically fear for my life for 1/3 of the round. The course is just laid out with too many landing zones/greens in play from other tees/fairways. (I’m looking at 1, 3, 4, 6, and 17)


If it is somewhere around Madison I may be able to make it out.

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Depending on where you stay on the lake, you should go to Reilly’s Pub one of the nights. Great patio and great food.

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So with this being said, I think we need to bring the WI Meetup back into play. Hoping this generates some legs and we can be the official Lock Q for the Midwest. Just wanted to get everyones feedback and see if we could the numbers for this. Let me know what you guys think.


Live in Western WI so I occasionally lurk through the MN Contingent thread and seems like geography/proximity allows them to be much more active in-terms of meetups. But would definitely be interested in a meetup!

What part of western WI?

Just north of La Crosse!

I grew up in Black River Falls. Can definitely understand MN meetups being a bit more convenient.

I wouldn’t be opposed to meeting up at Wild Rock in the Dells. Fun course that I haven’t played in too long.


anyone played the Drumlin at Erin Hills? Just reading about it and I think it has stadium lights? Seems super fun.

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It has lights all over the place to keep it nicely lit for after dark fun. I don’t remember how late it’s open, but with the cabins right there, it would be a lot of fun after a couple drinks and a shower after a long day on the course.

For sure! Love the idea.

Lights turn off at 11pm on the Drumlin. On the dot. You and your Fescue Rescue are on your own to climb the hill to the cabins after that. God speed.


I never remember the time, just that they do. The only time I have ever stayed in the cabins, I was so tired after 36 in the July heat that I took a shower, had some food and passed the hell out so that I could get 36 in again the next day.

Played 18 at Lac La Belle yesterday (grand opening of all 18 was Saturday). While the conditioning is still not quite where it needs to be, the course is great. Forgiving off the tee, insane greens, extremely walkable, really nice bunkers. They even have an 18 hole putting course right next to the pub patio. Charging full price right now might be a bit aggressive, but I also didn’t feel ripped off. I rate the course right in between Washington County and Lawsonia, which is where it is priced ($75), so I think they got it right. I will definitely be playing there often, though I will probably wait a bit until they can get the conditions a bit better.


What’s the most realistic for a Ryder Cup adjacent meetup? My head is telling me the Monday after (9/28), which has plenty of open tee times at Lawsonia (if we’re set on there). If fans are allowed, we’d be losing people to that Tuesday - Sunday. (Hell, I’m supposed to be volunteering in the Merch tent and I still don’t know what dates I’m scheduled. I have to imagine that there are others in the same boat.)

9/28 should work for me

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9/28 should work for me at this point, as well.

I’m not holding out huge hope on this one, but I suppose a lot can happen in a the next 100 or so days.

Yeah, I’m not holding out hope for a “normal” Ryder Cup. To me the question has turned to, “Who are they going to allow in?” My best guess on that are the corporate hospitality tents will be open, maybe the special “club” tickets, and if I’m lucky, volunteers.