Roll Call: Wisconsin (matchplay signup link post 988)

The Bull is a solid and very difficult track within an hour of Milwaukee and close to Whistling Straits. I think sometimes they jack up their rates around the majors and big events though. Washington County is a great muni course too.



Lawsonia hovers around $100 and is a bit above your desired travel range, but that’s probably the best value you would get. Washington County is good too, and the price is lower than Lawsonia. Depending on where in Milwaukee you are, those might be a little long of a drive, but not bad.

If you’re looking for a little bit cheaper and closer, I’d say Naga-Waukee which is 30-40 minutes max away from Milwaukee and shouldn’t run you more than $50. Cool elevation changes and a sick view of the lake from 15 tee.


@charvey & @hellofriends thanks for the recommendations. I had looked at The Bull but we have 8 guys coming in with handicaps ranging from 4-25 figured The Bull would be too tough for the higher cap guys. Lawsonia was my #1 to play when setting up the trip but the guys I’m going with don’t want to make the 1.5 hour trip up north, guess I’ll have to get up there another time. Washington County looks like it should fit our group great! Thanks again guys!

Saw a article a few days ago that The Bull is headed to a sheriff’s sale. Didn’t know this place was in trouble, but hopefully it will remain in business when all is said and done. A stiff challenge, but one of my favorite courses in the state - beautiful setting and you have to think your way around the place.

Anyone else have additional insight?

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I can confirm this. Sheboygan Press has a good article on it. One of my favorites super fun and does make you think. Hope it stays running…


Man 15 days since you guys last post. Seems like i need to stir things up a bit.

You all should make the drive over for this. Yours own @charvey from Hudson will be there, show some support for your Wisconsites.


I have been thinking about a Top 20 list of golf courses in wisconsin, here is my list: Interested to hear your thoughts

  1. Whistling Straits (Straits)
  2. Erin Hills
  3. Blackwolf Run (River)
  4. Milwaukee CC: Home of the State Am this year
  5. Sand Valley
  6. Mammoth Dunes
  7. Whistling Straits (Irish)
  8. Blue Mound CC
  9. Sentry World
  10. Lawsonia Links
  11. Strawberry Creek
  12. Troy Burne
  13. Pine Hills CC
  14. Blackwolf Run (MV)
  15. University Ridge
  16. Wild Rock
  17. Green Bay CC
  18. Horseshoe Bay
  19. Minocqua CC
  20. Hidden Glen


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I’ve only played 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 15, and 16 on that list, so I can’t go spot by spot.

SentryWorld is too high in my opinion. It’s well conditioned and has a par 3 with a shit ton of flowers. Beyond that there is very little memorable about it. It would be below URidge and Wild Rock in my list.

It’s been eight years, so time may have faded my memory, but the Irish is definitely a step down from SV/MD, so I would expect Bluemound and Lawsonia, at least, to be above the Irish.

Straits/EH is likely going to be a pick 'em for everyone (though as can be seen, I’ve played neither, just walked them).

And I’d have the Sandbox on the list. Fight me.

Not sure if anyone is interested in the Sand Valley Summer Solstice (I played in 2018), but I received this email today:


Thank you for your interest in the 4th Annual Summer Solstice at Sand Valley . This event gives you the opportunity to play 72 holes in a single day. This event is unique in nature and is circled on many of your calendars so we look forward to seeing you at Sand Valley June 14th-16th, 2020 for our most anticipated Sand Valley Summer Solstice to date.

You are being contacted because you are currently on our Solstice waitlist, have previously expressed interest in playing or have played in past Solstice events. Your continued interest in the Sand Valley Summer Solstice allows us the opportunity to invite you and three others to join us in 2020. Due to the increased interest in this event, all interested parties must call the 1-800 number listed below to sign up. Please remember, spots are very limited.

The event is $1,341.48 per person (traditional double occupancy). Deposit in the full amount is due at the time of registration and the reservation must be made directly by you as the team leader. All cancellations must occur prior to 90-days before the start of the event and should be done by contacting our Reservations Team at the 1-800 number below. Single occupancy rooms & cottage upgrades are available for an additional amount.

This is your opportunity to officially sign up for the event prior to our full announcement. Your foursome is guaranteed as long as long as space is available and payment is submitted at the time of inquiry.

4th Annual Sand Valley Summer Solstice

June 14th – 16th, 2020

$1,341.48 per person (double occupancy)

$1,681.98 per person (single occupancy)

To sign up, please contact Reservations at 1-833-903-1859

When I did it, the price was more along the lines of $8-900 (I think). It jumped up last year to right about this price, which I couldn’t justify. It might be something I’d look at doing again after Doak’s course opens, but not this year.

Of what I’ve played, here’s what I’d say:

  1. Erin Hills
  2. Whistling Straits (Straits)
  3. Blackwolf Run (River)
  4. Mammoth Dunes
  5. Sand Valley
  6. Blue Mound CC
  7. Lawsonia Links
  8. Troy Burne
  9. University Ridge
  10. Whistling Straits (Irish)
  11. Maple Bluff CC
  12. North Hills CC
  13. Bishop’s Bay CC
  14. The Bull (RIP?)
  15. Blackwolf Run (MV)
  16. Timber Ridge

Playing Pine Hills this year, interested to see it.

Many others not worth ranking. Including SentryWorld.

Pine Hills is a hidden gem in the shadow of all the Kohler courses but is a cool test. Played it a couple of times you will enjoy it

I’m super excited for it. Was going to play it after @thefriedegg Steamshovel event last year but played BMCC instead, so this year going play it the day before. As luck would have it, Andy worked some magic and got some times for participants. Highly recommend the event if you haven’t already signed up.

Tough seeing The Bull circling the drain. Not saying it’s worthy of all the accolades possessed by it’s neighbors, but it is a rock solid course. Would be a significant loss.

Solid overall list of contenders. Been lucky to play several but here’s to making more progress in 2020. Is it May yet?

Do we have any news of the result of the Sheriff’s sale for The Bull? Is it dead?

Not dead, yet.

Great list. I have played 8 of the 20. Still not a fan of Troy Burne. Sentry World was fun to play once. Two courses I have always like playing when I was living in Wisconsin were Washington County and The Bog.

Nice lists! The top of mine is pretty similar but I counted down only the courses I played in 2019. Pictures can be found on my IG @golfwisely

  1. Erin Hills
  2. Whistling Straits (Straits)
  3. Sand Valley
  4. Whistling Straits (Irish)
  5. Lawsonia Links
  6. Wild Rock
  7. University Ridge
  8. Trappers Turn
  9. Hawks Landing
  10. Viroqua Hills

I have SentryWorld, Mammoth, Blackwolf Run Meadows on my list for 2020. Might need to add Pine Hills.

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Dropped you a follow on IG. Nice pics!

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Veering off the courses theme briefly, can we discuss “competitive” golf and tournaments?

My golf resolution last year was to play in one competitive event. I’d say mission accomplished - I did the Golfweek Am Tour team event at The Bull, the Public Links in Madison, and Kohler’s Fall Challenge.

I will have some more free time this summer and would like to play in a few more events. Curious as to what you all would recommend. I will probably pass on doing the Golfweek thing again and instead opt for the WSGA.


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