Roll Call: What’s cooking?

Yeah, i’m not real sure. I’m still waiting for my plate setter to arrive, so, i’m a little limited in doing everything i want to right now.

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I’m fine with whatever. I was just messing around. I’d hope no one feels afraid to share though, it’s just food.

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I don’t think anybody feels like they can only post pizza pics. That would be absurd. But I don’t like the idea of telling people they have to cook anything, whether it be pizza, vegetarian food, or a specific cuisine in this thread. If some people want to focus on something, great. But this thread was made for people to share what they’re cooking. Let the people share what they’ve made, whatever it is. I would totally support a separate thread or threads for themed cooking.


We could do themed days like in the music thread.

We all plan our menus together, and post pics on the results.


Definitely not telling people what they can and can’t post in here. Just thought it would be cool if we all tried to make some themed meals each week.

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I am happy to announce we’ve got a sequel to this thread for people looking for specifically non-meat options: Plant-based entrées?


My nominee for worst refuge thread, FER SURE



X-Post for the Refuge Wine Society thread The Refuge Wine Society - May 26th - Wines of Italy Part II: Piedmont @ 9PM ET.

I have a dank bolognese on for tonight–should be the perfect pairing. Photos to come. If any of you haven’t checked out the wine classes yet, I’ve only attended the most recent one but have decided to make it a regular occurrence. Highly recommend.


Thanks so much for the cross post! Bolognese and Barolo/Barbaresco are a PERFECT pairing!

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Indeed. Appreciate that.
I know my “piping” was less than stellar. But will reach out before my next go round.

So about that whole pizza thing… when your hippie, ceramic artist in laws retire, they get more hobbies, and fuel the dad bod for our family

Spent the last few days doing a poolish sourdough, three day ferment with about 70% hydration… and a boat load of various toppings. We draw inspiration of what’s fresh and what’s around but we also threw in something from their visit to Pizzeria Beddia as they live just outside Philly, where they have this corn base… and I wasn’t there to know how close we came but we added kale, tomato, and a basil oil to finish, oh and it’s made with cheddar and some mozzarella. sounds crazy and it is, but It’s a decadent treat. Great weekend evening with the family, where we made maybe 8 pizzas, eating half and freezing the rest for quick reheating during busier days.


Welp, now we know where you got it from.

“The pizza kiln of social justice must be fired from time to time with the bodies of Refugees and Tyrants.”



We had a taste for seafood this evening (after a table full of blue crabs over the weekend), so we tried our hand at red curry coconut mussels. My wife picked up the mussels from the local seafood market. Even our 4-year old was keen to try mussels for the first time.

After this successful experiment, our next move will be mussels fra diavolo.


It usually works fine at high heat in the egg, kind of Neapolitan style, if you have a decent pizza stone. I’ve burned a few, but made some really great pies between 600-750 degrees. My skills with the peel handoff, on the other hand, suck.

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Lest you think it’s all circles and sunshine over here, this just happened:

Decided to throw together a same day dough, bought some shredded cheese because they had no low-moisture whole milk, and was set to enjoy a casual early dinner.

Fired up the oven, checked the floor about a half hour later, and we were at 660. See,Ed a little lower than usual, but I figured it’d be up over 700 in a few minutes, and that’s an enjoyable temp sometimes. Went inside, topped the pie, launched it, then stepped inside for 30-45 seconds or so to grab my serving board.

When I went back out, I went to turn it, and it was…not baking.

I ran out of propane, and never even bothered to notice the flame had gone out. The rest is history. :joy:


Your instincts are right. I’ve done pizza on the egg anywhere from 650-800 and the crust is always burnt before it cooks all the way through. It’s burnt and doughy, which is never a good combo. Did it at 500 tonight and it was smooth sailing perfect all the way through.


Awesome!!! Glad it worked out. Looks great!

Lol that’s siiiick.

I did a same day dough today too. 3 dough balls 275g each. All 3 came out fucking perfect. Was insanley good considering it was a same day dough. No pics this time around.

My electric oven can’t run out of propane though…

Although the insurance company declared it a total loss, I took the salvage title to a cookie sheet and gas oven.

Then my chop shop “cut it for the Gram.”