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Only supposed to be 86 for the round today but 93+ tomorrow! Hydrate!

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Finally got out to a few spots I’ve been meaning to hit on Saturday (shout out to @cqueen for speaking the truth). Both in the Tacoma/Lakewood/Spanaway areas so pretty accessible if you’re around the metro.

Oakbrook in the AM - unfortunately didn’t take any pictures but this course was PURE. Probably some of the best maintained fairways I have played on and the greens roll true. About $65 at peak rate felt pretty fair and apparently you can get some dealz on twilight/weekdays - we like that. This course felt to me what all ‘housing development’ courses want to be like. It plays pretty open, despite winding through a community, and areas below trees are really clean, so you can find your ball if you get out of position. Enjoyable round, low key wish I lived closer.

The Classic in the PM - The Classic (shout out Ryan Moore) is probably the more interesting of these two golf courses, it has this really great aesthetic of burnt out/brown fairways, popping greens, and sharp fescue that they’ve grown up that outline much of the playing area. It plays really open and firm, but you can get absolutely ejected if you are out of position. The greens are the highlight here though, really unique shapes and contours which make them a ton of fun to navigate and I can’t wait to get back and give it another run. It was like $26 at 3pm on a Saturday which is so dope haha if I lived closer I would consider some kind of membership. This course seems to get more rounds than Oakbrook so it was in a little rougher shape by the late evening, but still very fun. Worth a drive for sure. Two pics and a photo cred to @rabsie on the second,


This 100%. Numerous times I walked off greens wondering how in the hell I just made dbl bogey. Fun track though for sure.


Haha exactly, you had to be on your game or you’d get exposed pretty quick. It was a great balance of challenge/open to scoring.

Also Oakbrook has been running a special lately for pay for 3 and get your 4th free. So one dude can play for free. It’s a good deal if you have a full group going. I do recommend this course for sure in the summer months. Also the pierce county am is coming up and will be at Oakbrook and The Classic FYI.

Has anyone walked the Cascade course at Golf Mountain? Totally doable in 3 hours right? Obviously depending on the crowds…

Thinking of walking this Sunday either 6am or 4pm.

I have an honestly I hate walking both of the gold mountain courses. I walk everywhere and those are my least favorite.

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More so than Chambers? :wink:

Why’s that? I thought the Cascade course was supposed to be fairly flat? At least that’s what the website says…

Yeah it is but that place when it’s hot just bundles the heat out there.

I like walking Chambers, there’s something to be said for being exposed walking a long course. The only routing I find annoying is getting from 3 -> 4, everything else makes sense to me.

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7-8-9 is the only part of the course I dislike. It will be especially dumb when the tees on 9 move to the bottom of the hill permanently. 9 will be awesome, but the climb up the hill on 7 will be pointless

Is there a website for the Pierce County Am? The Classic website lists that it was April 18-19, but obviously it was moved. What are the new dates?

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I’ll look this weekend and let you know. It’s posted inside the pro shop with written in new dates. No website you have to sign up there I believe. I’ll ask joe and get more info for you. I know it’s supposed to pay out well though.


Thank you sir!

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Also gonna give a shout out to another course that more people need to get to. Riverside golf course in Centralia is amazing. It has the best greens in the state guaranteed and if you wanna see your game get exposed check it out. It’s a steal as well somewhere in the sub $50 category and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Has anyone played Eastmoreland Golf Course in Portland? I have to head down there Tuesday for work and I’ve read some good things. Booked a 3pm tee time on a whim.

Which of you paid $3400 for a foursome at Sahalee!

I wouldn’t pay $400 for a foursome to play Sahalee if I’m being honest

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Tomorrow morning will be my first time out at Aldarra. YIKES!

Anyone know much about the course?