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Has anyone played Tumwater Valley recently?

Tumwater? Valley?

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You never played it before? You guys need enlightenment on the public golf tracks around these parts fer sure.

Put it on the list! Tackled The Classic and McCormick last week.

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Played Tumwater Valley this morning and it’s a steal. $20 to walk before 8am and it comes with a sleeve of Titleist tru feel, you can pay $25 and get Pro V1 if you want. Greens are in incredible shape and so was the entire course. Highly recommend

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That’s sick. So a sleeve of Pro V1 makes it a $13 round of golf? You can’t play a damn putt putt course for that price.

Yeah so $25 to walk with a sleeve of pro v. I mean it’s a steal fer sure. Play the course is actually nice and it wasn’t crowded. Granted I teed off at 615 I was done at 945. :man_shrugging:t2:

Saw this mentioned on a different thread, but wondering why golf course reviews are so sparse? Literally dozens and dozens of people play a single course each day. Obviously more depending on weather.

But when I go to look up recent course reviews when I’m headed out of town or checking a new course, golflink and other sites are really limited. Isn’t there a business idea here?

One issue - golf courses are TERRIBLE about a) collecting player data and b) following up with them. Rarely do I get an email 24hrs after my round asking for feedback? I get it, courses don’t employ digital marketing folks (like me), but it’s a massive missed opportunity.

Another issue - there are so many booking sites all the data / user feedback is spread far and wide.

Golfers are all equipped with their phones on the course, playing music, checking gps and sharing their shots via social media. Seems like it should be easier to engage folks as they walk off the course? Maybe USGA adds course reviews as folks punch in their scores in the GHIN app (now that I have one!) Maybe?

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As someone who tried to get a restaurant review startup off the ground in college, I think a lot of it boils down to the relatively limited value proposition for these courses. As you said: dozens and dozens of people play a single course. And in the Seattle area, most courses have almost completely full tee sheets. I’m not sure what I’d pitch them on to make it worth their time since they’re presumably maximizing revenue from tee times.

And as I also found, most consumers have to be heavily incentivized to provide feedback. I once gave Chambers feedback because they were offering a free round, which is worth $100+. For most other courses? Probably not worth it.

Would I love a comprehensive course review database though? Definitely.


Anyone doing state Am qualifier? Debating it, though with my shoulder I am still not using driver and only 7 clubs, scrapped around +4 at Aldarra last week though.

I hear state best ball that was canceled will be moved to home course in October.

I’m registered for the Home Course qualifier.


Anyone got time for a game tomorrow morning?

If I wasn’t playing tomorrow afternoon I might

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Anyone trying to get on some twilight golf at The Home Course? This Wednesday, 455pm, like $35 which seems criminally low.

Hit me up!

We got three! One spot left for some weekday action, folks.

@cqueen, I know you normally are a morning gui, any chance you want to mix it up?

Can’t do that late man. I wish but that’s cooking dinner prime time with the fam.

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Hello everyone!

First time long time. Etc. Etc.

Recently decided to pick up the game again after 12 long years away and haven’t played regularly since high school. Diving in headfirst and trying to play a round and the range once a week for the last two months. Up in the Gig Harbor area (more Key Peninsula) and play Horseshoe Lake most often for proximity and Madrona when I want to walk.

Wish I found this place earlier when I was researching new equipment but y’all helped me on my bag purchase last night.



Yoooo very cool! I grew up out in Belfair so I know the area well despite being in Seattle the last 12+ years. Happy you found us! I’ll plug our next meet up we have planned here,

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Thanks dude. Love the NLU vids/casts and never really knew this place existed until a google search one day.

If I could lower my score 10-15 strokes in the next month maybe I’ll join the tournament. :rofl:


Haha for sure! We’ll have a game going, but you can still definitely come out even if you don’t have a handicap/etc. Suncadia is a fantastic spot and I think there will be others out there just to get out and mix it up. Should be a fun time, but understand either way.

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