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Played out at Oakbrook today. Highly recommend this to anyone in the area. $60 to walk so kinda pricey but firm greens and fairways. Speed wasn’t what I was expecting on the greens but they were smooth. Just not that quick. Course was overall in good shape.


Twitch subscriber, how about you? Gainzzzzzz.

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I have a membership there, so if you ever want to play it again let me know. I think if you pay online you get a little discount as well.

I looked it up based off of @cqueen’s comment but realized I haven’t played out there. What do you think of it? How’s the membership working for you?

I love it. It’s inexpensive which is good since I like playing multiple courses. Geoff the head pro is great. The course is always in pretty good shape considering the play they get, and if I play morning rounds we get around in 3.5 hours. Always welcome to join

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That’s fantastic, if I was closer to the area I would consider it (out of Seattle) - sounds exactly the type of spot I’d like to be a part of! Just always curious what kind of options are around town

Yeah it’s a cool deal. Ryan Moore started it a few years back. Used to be call the RMA club, but you can pay for just one course or three. The Classic, Oakbrook, and McCormick Woods. There is a term commitment usually one year, but mine was two. No initiation fee


Oh sick! Depending on the numbers that’d be pretty cool if you were relatively central


Going to attend the US Am @ Bandon Wed (8/13) to Sunday (8/16). Peak pricing for Bandon and likely unable to even get a tee time so I am looking to play the Preserve, Crossings, and Sunset Bay to supplement the spectating. Would be fun to get a group together.

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Got the email today stating they are playing the am with no fans or volunteers

That is very disappointing. There’s still time?

Well since no fans/volunteers you might have better luck getting tee times at the resort. Worth a call

Hoping to see some of you fine folks in the The Olympic Prolific - Tacoma, WA - May 13-16, 2021 as I’m moving from LA to the Seattle area later this fall.

Where in the Seattle area is still TBD, but from the looks of it, south and/or west of Seattle seems to have the higher concentration of better public golf?


I would say there’s great public golf all around the sound. I live in Tacoma and there is the huge advantage is having Chambers Bay in town, and highway 16 takes you to some awesome courses on the peninsula. Gold Mountian, Trophy Lake, Oakbrook, and just south of Tacoma is The Home Course which is probably my favorite track. I play Oakbrook which is owned by the Moore family. My Seattle crew is usually coming south. Feel free to PM me whenever


Dope we just had another happy convert in @Mattyeds, welcome! Reach out if you’d like to get in our Whatsapp chat.

Feel like this is a tough question, if you want to get to the actually good public golf, you’ll really be outside the city. Which is cool if that’s your goal, just a thought.

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Parachuting in on behalf of a friend…

Anyone have any good club fitting recs for Seattle?

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Definitely! I know @inchmarlo and myself have had great experiences with James at Club Champion in Bellevue. What kind of fitting you looking for? (just curious he does it all)

Buddy is looking to do Driver, woods, and hybrids.

Outside the city is what myself and my better half are looking for. Rather be on the course or among the trees than in the city.

Yup, just did this at Club Champion in February/March and had a fantastic experience. I think $150 for the fitting unless you hit an end of year sale, but worth every penny.

Totally understand, then yes, a lot of great options!