Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - The Race To Grey Sky Signups @ Post 1568

102 yard front pin location. Hit a nice 58* in a foot above and pulled it back straight into the cup. Super pumped.


@decentschott I grew up in N Everett and played EGCC a fair amount, never was a fan but that’s mostly due to the tight, penal layout and boring vibe that swallows the entire property. Massive tree lined entry drive is the best part. I’m not a member but Inglewood GC is awesome if you want to drive 15/20 min to play. Great membership and polar opposite of EGCC.

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My buddy and I played in the Chambers Bay Solstice tourney last Sunday July 26th, it was about 90 out there and quite a bit of walking. 5:05 AM balls in the air and closed out the round about 8:30. 58 holes, 34 miles of walking, lots of hydrating and carb loading and the most fun we’ve all had on the course in years. Highly recommended to anyone who can handle it next year if there’s openings.


Looks awesome! Definitely doing it next year. Surprised nobody went umbrella on the push cart to shield some sun.

You could easily take out 50% of the trees and still have a fun(ish) course. You could easily take out 80% of the vibe and still have a stuffy feeling, boring club experience. Was fun when we joined and the kids could use the pool… but that’s about it. Between an Oki Card and having friends all over, way better courses to get out and play regularly.

Just had another sign-up, a lurker, for the PNW RACDG Championship. There’s still time to sign-up! Come on out!

Whenever one of y’all yahoos gets a day off you need to come play a morning round with me out here at the classic.

Playing the Cascade course Friday at 1:10pm? Close enough? Ha.

But seriously, what mornings/time/etc. wouldn’t mind squeezing in a super early round

Normally I play Tuesday and Thursday mornings about 640ish. Some weeks though it’s Monday Wednesday. It just depends.

I’m a member. Hope you enjoyed your round

It was great. Hard, for sure. But great.

Aldarra got a big shout out from Joel Dahmen on the Get A Grip pod this week w/ Shane Bacon. His favorite course in all of PNW.

I was a member at overlake. Aldarra is less. It has no frills

There are a few tour members who are members, not uncommon to see them. Ranges balls there help

Seventeen is a superb short par 4. The green is exactly the right green to challenge a wedge. Might be my favorite hole.

Played my free Oki round on Friday at Newcastle. 100% still paying for the views. And yes, they are excellent. But god what I wouldn’t give to get rewarded just once with a flat lie after a good drive.

Got both kids in all-day camp next week, and my unemployment is poised to end soon (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc) so the forecast is calling for a LOT of mid-week golf. Who wants to get out there??


Good vibes!! Was thinking about an afternoon round this week, would that work for you? Or are you thinking week day mornings?

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I usually play in the morning so I can be home for dinner with the fam.

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Makes sense, I might have to pass then, have fun out there

Excited to announce my return to Seattle next month from FL! Looking forward to connecting with the PNW crew and the possibility of needing pants on a golf course