Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - The Race To Grey Sky Signups @ Post 1568

Ah man… I wish

Not sure if anyone else has seen this but this is gonna be good.

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With everything feeling so shitty this week, I’m so glad I made it down to WA last weekend. May not have been the most prudent call, but it was such a good time that it was totally worth it!


@Sarah @davidc @rabsie If you’re ever bored and want to read the written version, here’s the story I told ya about my username while we were sitting in the rain near the putting green


What a story and what a thread (this place never ceases to amaze me).

I gotta think, if there is ever Best Username Bracket, you’re looking at a top seed in the PNW division.

Also, as someone who did take German in high school I’m sad to report that I didn’t make the connection till now (scheisse :frowning:). But I can still pull out the accent in a pinch.

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What’s up lurkers! Wanted to give a Corona Bump to this thread. Now might be the weirdest and best time to come #getinvolved. Options for you include,

  • PNW RACDG whatsapp chat where we are currently bemoaning the current golf situation/chasing #speed together/discussing Bryson’s twitch and bulking regimen
  • Come hang in virtual Major rewatch groups on Zoom/YouTube (just finished the '15 US Open at Chambers!)
  • Still hoping our major summer event can be played (link below) in July, otherwise daydreaming about the next weekend we can safely get together on the course (we can all get ejected at Chambers, together)

Hit me up if you want in!


Rocking the smedium

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That’s not a smedium. If anything, the grey shirt about 2/3 of the way in is one

Every shirt is a smedium to our boi!

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We like that

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Suns out, guns out!

Our gui likes Nesquik!!

Big time journalism from @MrVinegar206

@Sarah @davidc @Mattyeds

@Zocco is looking to get in on the speed. Can one of ya drop a link to it?



Not sure why it’s posting like this. Search for SKLZ on Amazon if it doesn’t work


I’m coming for you guis!

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This is SICK. We’ll be looking for regular updates during our rewatches! Might even be better for you if you are still rocking the yoga :thinking:

I am deep in the Zoom Yoga. S/o Happi House

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If all we focus on during the quarantine is yoga and speed training, we might come back hitting too many bombs

Think I might copy @Zocco here, I’m with you. I have so much free time right now haha got the putting mirror out yesterday so I’m looking for 1) speed and 2) 8 footers. I’m all in.

This honestly sounds like we are powering the 2019/2020 Phil regime, and look where that got him! Wait…

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