Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - RTGS Signups @ Post 1568 - OWNED BY THE MENACE BROS

If I wasn’t playing tomorrow afternoon I might

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Anyone trying to get on some twilight golf at The Home Course? This Wednesday, 455pm, like $35 which seems criminally low.

Hit me up!

We got three! One spot left for some weekday action, folks.

@cqueen, I know you normally are a morning gui, any chance you want to mix it up?

Can’t do that late man. I wish but that’s cooking dinner prime time with the fam.

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Hello everyone!

First time long time. Etc. Etc.

Recently decided to pick up the game again after 12 long years away and haven’t played regularly since high school. Diving in headfirst and trying to play a round and the range once a week for the last two months. Up in the Gig Harbor area (more Key Peninsula) and play Horseshoe Lake most often for proximity and Madrona when I want to walk.

Wish I found this place earlier when I was researching new equipment but y’all helped me on my bag purchase last night.



Yoooo very cool! I grew up out in Belfair so I know the area well despite being in Seattle the last 12+ years. Happy you found us! I’ll plug our next meet up we have planned here,

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Thanks dude. Love the NLU vids/casts and never really knew this place existed until a google search one day.

If I could lower my score 10-15 strokes in the next month maybe I’ll join the tournament. :rofl:


Haha for sure! We’ll have a game going, but you can still definitely come out even if you don’t have a handicap/etc. Suncadia is a fantastic spot and I think there will be others out there just to get out and mix it up. Should be a fun time, but understand either way.

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Less than a month before the sign-up cut-off. #GetInvolved

Update Post:


Which one of you left your NLU tee on 9 at Chambers yesterday?


I actually think I know who it was and he’s not on the refuge lol


Guys Vancouver Island might be too good for golf. If the world goes back to normal ever we’ll have to do a PNW RACDG meetup here. Cordova Bay is perfect net tilt venue


Seattle golfers!

I started a little Tuesday cash game at Greenlake Golf.

Starting tomorrow at 6pm! BYO adult beverages and get your swing on in a casual environment.

$15 gets discounted green fee, guaranteed time (they only take same day phone tee times right now with COVID), and entry to cash prizes.

Tee sheet:

If you’d like to sign up for this week, check here to see if there is an opening first:

To confirm your spot, venmo Jordan for $15 entry fee: @jordanbergeson or just reply here with your name and I’ll help you get it confirmed.

Text FAQ to 206-582-3794 for a list of frequently asked questions or to ask something that might not be listed!

Hope to see a couple of you out there!

I’m @theburnishedpixel on Instagram too, I just posted some photos and info about the weekly. Hit me up there too!


Gonna tackle Trophy Lake tomorrow morning. Just took a peek at the scorecard…um, it looks CHALLENGING!


#NoFreeAds :joy:


Great track. Really fun and great conditions overall. For under $50, can’t beat it. Greens were slowish - 10.5. No blue or black tees available since they came out of the covid shutdown, which made a few holes 5wood / wedge. WE LIKE THAT!

Still plenty of challenge out there.


I would put Trophy Lake in the “hidden gem/underrated” category. I don’t hear enough people talking about that track

I haven’t played any of the courses between Tacoma and Gold Mountain. I have always heard good things but just never made the drive out to them.

Trophy Lake is a great course. Kicks my ass most times when I’ve played it, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s just expensive if you don’t have an Oki card, especially when you compare it to Olympic.

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I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t make it there. The price between that and gold mountain just makes it easier to make the longer drive up and play there.