Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - RTGS Signups @ Post 1568 - OWNED BY THE MENACE BROS

With the Idaho trip unfortunately falling through, we will still see the PNW RACDG Championship be played!

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Hello everyone, long time listener, first time poster. Lifelong Washingtonian, lived in Seattle for the past decade after finishing college (#godawgs). Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hey whatsup, man! Fellow husky here as well so we like that :sunglasses:

Where are you normally playing out here? Check this bad boy out if you haven’t already, this should be our next big meetup. We’ve had a few things get cancelled recently with all things COVID.

Otherwise holler if you’d like in on the PNW whatsapp chat or are looking for a game.


Thanks! I have found myself at Newcastle a lot recently thanks to a couple members I know there, and I’ll be at Willows every Wednesday this summer for the MSFT League. Definitely interested in the PNW RACDG, big fan of Suncadia. Would love to get in on the whatsapp thread!


Sounds fun! I don’t get out to Willows much but I enjoy it out there.

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BIG UPDATE: With a member tourney on the 16th, the PNW RACDG Championship is now August 30th.

Linked the rest of the update post here:

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playing the home course tomorrow at 630 in the am. hoping it’s gonna live up to everyones talk of great conditions lately.


Getting in there before our club individual event! Just so you know you’ll probably be playing on the event tees - blacks are being set to the blue/white combo, whites are at their white yardages.


Posed this question in the Oregon thread, but they don’t seem quite as active as this group. So here’s a copy/paste:

Any of you folks want to chime in on grip choices for when we make the move?

Have gamed the Pure Wrap for five or six years and love it. Crazy tacky in dry weather and ridiculously durable. Regarding moisture, I don’t recall having slipping issues when I’ve played back home in Alabama or the one time I played in the rain in Scotland, but would happily field some suggestions from everyone on the ground in the PNW.

My understanding is the Tour Velvet Cord or MCC is the standard choice, with the UTX seeming to be up there as well. Anyone use rubber grips or have other suggestions? I’m intrigued by this one from Lamkin:

I’ll cross post too :wink: .

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I like the look of that lamkin (currently playing them), although I haven’t played that model. Would be interested in trying it but don’t normally have moisture issues unless I drop my club or its just pissing.

Which, to my understanding, doesn’t happen often (pissing rain). More a mist/drizzle than anything else in my experience. Would that be correct? And in that case, nothing rain gloves and a towel before swinging couldn’t fix.

I’d prefer not to change grips, but will if it seems necessary. I like that I don’t really have to maintain the Pures and they seemingly last forever.

That’s been my experience, yes. Which I feel comfortable in Oregon - especially the I5 corridor - is pretty similar.

I will say I never use rain gloves. The cord grips + a dry towel wipe down is usually fine. Moisture management is key. Keeping my grips and glove exposed to the rain for as little time as possible goes a long way. Seems obvious (and it is) but I still see people standing in the rain, glove and grip exposed, waiting to hit their tee shot when their umbrella is two feet away. Then they complain about losing grip. Hm.

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Blows me away. Shoutout @Mattyeds fundraiser for our boy.


Big Umbrella Privilege really showing here.

I game the Lamkin Crossline (basic as it gets), and haven’t had any issues either. I do use raingloves and do as much as I can to avoid putting my grips in dew/under rain.

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@rabsie learned the hard lesson that umbrellas come in more than one size. Surprised I didn’t see you in this lamenting the challenging conditions.


It was a tough day out there.

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There’s a reason golf umbrellas are HUGE lol

It’s all about that push cart umbrella attachment.

Keeping them dry/waiting under the umbrella/playing quickly is pretty much how I’ve managed moisture when I’ve had rainy rounds. Good to know I don’t need to do much differently.

I may spring for cord grips in the end, but I think I’ll feel it out with what I’ve got and rain gloves for a few rounds before I make a change. Keep any suggestions on preferred grips coming if you want to, and thanks for the advice, everyone! Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can in 2021, even though I’ll be a ways down I-5.