Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - June Signups are Live!

For those playing the February event on the 25th,

I haven’t received an email back yet nor did Joe pick up the couple times I tried calling. I’m thinking he’s out of office today.

So, let’s just assume that the first tee time is moved to 11am instead of 9am cause of the frost

  • If you can’t make it with the new start time, please let me know ASAP in a DM!! Tomorrow morning is the deadline I have with the guy, and I will no longer be able to get your money back after that.

  • If you need an early start time cause you have something in the evening that you’re concerned about, I can, and always will, accommodate your request. Please let me know that as well in a DM, but it’s less urgent than saving y’alls money by tomorrow morning

  • If Joe and I determine tomorrow morning that the best thing to do is to push it back a week (or cancel), we’ll have a week to figure out attendance and get money back to you and cross that bridge if it comes to it


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#1 -

Joe has finally gotten back to me. The news is not good. He said temps are extremely likely and recommended pushing it to the 4th.

I have added a 2nd version of the signup sheet. Throw your name on it if you expect to be making it on the 4th. I’ve asked to move back up to a 9am start, but haven’t confirmed that part yet.

  • Please don’t touch the original signup sheet. I’ll still use it as an easy to reference page to keep track of who’s paid
  • If you’ve already paid, don’t worry about that then for the new signup.
  • If you can’t make the 4th and already paid, let me know. I haven’t been asked to pay yet and can get you a refund.
  • I need sign-ups done by Friday night

#2 -

You have until Friday to sign-up and pay for the March event at Gearhart, too! Let’s see some more signups!

#3 -

I’ve fallen behind a little bit on the April and May event planning with this February fiasco. I hope to have that info out to you later this week.

My PNWers, I’m going out for a visit to my future work site in Bremerton. I’ll be working mon-thurs but have Friday thru Sunday to explore the area and already planning on going to Crystal mountain Friday with my gf. Any suggestions on how to spend the other days?

Chambers Bay? Even in the cold, its still amazing

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I’m going to save that for when I move out there in August, just looking to get a feel for the area


If you are going to be in Bremerton, play Gold Mountain.


Gold mountain is well within my crosshairs. I think I could convince my gf to sit in the cart while I play 9 holes


It will honestly be one of the better options in the area anyways. If you were staying in Tacoma, I’d tell you to go to Bremerton and play Gold Mountain, so…

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If this is more exploring and spending time with the gf, it might be worth just doing a trip out to the Hoh rainforest for the weekend or something

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You’re right it is much more an explore and hang with the gf type thing…should have clarified this amongst golf sickos such as ourselves


Green Mountain is a pretty hike close by to Bremerton and Gold Mountain. Head out down the hood canal towards Mt. Elinor is another good one


Ferry ride into Seattle, walk around Pike’s Place Market, check out the Seattle Art Museum, dinner at Matt’s In The Market ( or the Pink Door ( and a Guinness at Kell’s ( before your Ferry ride back to B’ton.


Newb to the Refuge and stumbled upon the March meetup. Team only or y’all accepting solos and pairing? I know it is last minute, but just curious as Gearhart is on the PNW list before I eventually move back east and seems like a good opportunity! Thanks!

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Not too late yet! You just made it!

I just need to know and have payment by tomorrow. The “event” is a two-man best ball, but we certainly can take singles. It is a “meetup” at its core, and no one it required to play in the event.

Cost is $75 per round (so $150 if you’re playing Saturday and Sunday). You can send it to @ Matthew-Essig (last 4 digits are 9234 if you need them) on Venmo. And just throw your name in one of the spots in the signup sheet under the March tab :smiley:

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Appreciate the prompt reply! Looking at places to stay quick and will likely send by the end of the evening!

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Went out to chambers on Monday and played. The 15th is still out of commission, so to compensate for that they are giving out a 75$ round voucher to be used Monday-Friday that is good until the end of April. Course was in immaculate condition as always. Just wanted to let everyone know because the voucher is actually pretty sick to use in April.

April and May signups are live!

Saturday, April 29th - White Horse

Saturday, May 13th - Gold Mountain (Olympic)

(The link is not private. It’s the same ole spreadsheet. I think it’s a message board problem)

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What is the best way to go from the airport to downtown?

My default is that I would do a taxi or Uber, I didn’t know if there’s a known shuttle, or if the hotels downtown have consistent shuttles

Talking SeaTac? Or PDX?