Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - July Signups Are Live!

Did you book for 4?

No, just a single. Had to call in because it wouldn’t let me book as a non resident online. But there were plenty of resident and players club spots open

I think it’s gone? I tried to join you, but 10:36 was no longer available.

Hey friends - I am a NYer who will be out in Seattle on 6/26 before a work event on Monday 6/27. I land at SeaTac ~130p and am trying to find a place to play…Chambers is closed for a tournament and Gold Mountain (Olympic) seems completely booked up that afternoon. I am staying downtown Sunday night but open to any suggestions. Thoughts??

Carry your sticks walking on the ferry and play White Horse. @richardlhawkes home course! I’ll invite myself and drive you from the Kingston ferry terminal to the course.

Landing at SeaTac at 1:30, making his way all the way up to White Horse, and then back to downtown seems like way too much, no?

@NTho, I think either Allenmore or West Seattle is your best route. Obviously Chambers and GM are the A tier, so don’t expect anything to knock your socks off like them, but Allenmore is a solid Elks course and West Seattle is the best muni in Seattle

Hey Guys…maybe piggy backing a little bit off of @NTho here…but I’m flying in from NC on 19-Jul (more so a family trip but bringing the sticks). I have a tee time at Chambers on 21-Jul, and then we are making our way down the coast and staying in Portland a few days. Any suggestions on a good course I can get on in/around Portland area (maybe the 23rd or 24th of Jul)? Any suggestions on food/must do’s in the area appreciated also. Cheers!

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Could day trip out to Gearhart. Hour thirty drive

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Gearhart. Also - Gearhart.

In Portland area obviously you have Pumpkin Ridge which is good. The Reserve is also ok - not super special but a good golf course.


If you do go with the Reserve, which I think is a much better value than Pumpkin, try for the South Course. They flip which is public every 2 weeks, so just depends on your timeframe, but North is very ho-hum.

Forest Hills is also a fun course, front 9 is pretty tough, back opens up a bit more. About 20’ outside of Portland.

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Yea I played the “links” course or whatever they describe it as (comically of course because by links they mean slightly fewer trees and undulating greens lol).

Not sure how that one compares with the other side.

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South and North are the two courses. I guess I’d say South is “more linksy”, but I don’t know that I’ve even seen them refer to it as the Links course. They did remove about 60 bunkers and probably several hundred trees 7-8 years ago, it made the South much more playable.

North has some decent holes, but is pretty forgettable.

Yep - I played North from their site “the North Course feels more like playing among Oregon’s coastal dunes. The more expansive links-style layout”.

It was ok - it was a slop fest when I was there (thanksgiving) but I still thought it was ok, some fun holes.

Wow, now I’m really a bit shook. The North course has the most uphill/downhill holes, how you gonna call that Linksy?? Guessing a non-golfer wrote that copy…

I play a very tree lined course as my home course so I wanted to get away from that for a round - I chuckled. Hole 2 is hitting through a chute of trees. Then the super soft conditions, and fluffy fairways, Mclay-Kidd would be fuming if they knew they called that linksy :joy:


Calling EGCC “tree lined” may be the understatement of the year.


Just booked a single for 5 pm next Friday (1 July) at The Home Course if anyone else is interested in a mandatory golf Friday twilight loop.

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