Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - April & May Signups are Live!

For SeaTac, I’m a big fan of the light rail from downtown. Probably the cheapest option too.

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Didn’t know light rail was a thing!

Time downtown I’ve had a rental car before.

Chambers with the Home Course is a nice double. The Home Course is Golf Digest top 100 in the country value course and only 20-30 mins from Chambers.

Chambers is a helluva walk btw and you should plan a 5 hour round, but it won’t “feel” slow

I’ve been targeting a walking Chambers early round with a drive cart Home Course round as a daily double.



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There’s no way this is true. No fucking way.

{furiously googles}

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I don’t want to like this post for fear of it seeming like I agree with you but I want you to know reading this post brought me joy

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3rd Best Course on the West Side Sir.

  1. Chambers
  2. Nile
  3. THC

Believe dat


You know what is also usually in the top 100 value course in the country? Gold Mountain Olympic :eyes:

Hello Everybody,

New to the PDX area, and looking for good leagues/games to join. I’ve played at a few public spots in the area, but looking to avoid the ole walk on as a single setup.

All advice is appreciated!


I haven’t found much in the area for single players, most places have a team scramble type leagues. Heron Lakes has a good league for single players. I unfortunately haven’t found anything that appeals to me personally. OGA has great individual tournaments and NW Golf Guys exist too (I personally don’t care for their tournaments tho). And there is also the APT (Amateur golf tour? Not sure of the name )

If there isn’t a single “value” course from Spokane in the top 100, then the list is a sham.

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Gearhart is a great day trip. Discount Dan’s golf is there too.

hey, fellow PDX’er here, welcome! I’m also looking to get more into events/leagues, though I assume our skill levels are vastly different. I’m pretty new to the game, but plan on playing a ton of golf this summer (range 2x/week, 9 holes after work when I can, 18 twice a month on weekends). I’m probably about a 30 handicap right now (again, pretty new) but I’m improving quickly and hope to break 85 before summer ends (gotta have big goals).

I signed up with NW Golf Guys but haven’t played any of their events so can’t speak to those, and want to be a bit more confident in my swing before diving into competition. That said, if you ever want to play a round together, I have only have 1-2 golf buddies here in Portland (they’re much better than me) and we’d be happy to have you along. Tend to play Eastmoreland, Rose City, Glendoveer, Heron Lakes, etc. but heading to Pumpkin Ridge Ghost Creek tomorrow and hoping to travel a bit for weekend rounds at the coast and elsewhere as the weather gets nicer. Shoot me a message if you’re interested in playing sometime.

[quote=“calvingrover, post:2415, topic:2021”]
The Home Course is Golf Digest top 100 in the country value course

Kind of cool to see home course on the list I’m going to be playing THC and Chambers both for the first time in May.



But also Gold Mountain Olympic is incredible value and great double with Cascade

I need to update/reactivate my GHIN, but very interested in both of these. Are there any restrictions or just open to everyone?

You have to beat me in a match in order for entry. I’m the gatekeeper.

But the match is at THC


I’m out. I forfeit.

@calvingrover welcome aboard!


Open to everyone!