Roll Call Threads: Season-long Ideas

I know there are quite a few Roll Call threads alive and well out there…but I wanted to make this thread for a place to discuss ideas for season-long competitions.

Personally, in Phoenix AZ area, and we’ve had a match play bracket and are in the middle of a 2nd bracket…but longing for some sort of new / fresh idea for the summer

Thinking with it being hard to wrangle 20+ people for one day, something like a monthly event / format at the same course and points awarded based on results, doing that for each month, but then what after “qualifying” points are tallied?

Have any other roll calls facilitated some season-long comps or something outside of a match play bracket?


Mandatory Golf Friday. We play $10 cash game at the local muni every Friday night at 530. Play in groups of 10-15. Play forward tees with 3 clubs and a putter. The limited clubs/short course pretty much handicaps itself. Put ball in pocket once out of hole $1 closest to pins. Still get around in less than 2 hrs and still have plenty of time to catch a nice buzz. Look us up on Facebook or Instagram-Mandatory Golf Society.


Last spring/summer, I started a golf league. We call it the Happy Hour Hackers.

5pm, every other Friday, at a rotation of two muni’s around Orlando (shout-out WP9).

Last year, we played Quota Game and tracked the season-long standings, which culminated in a FedEx Cup style Tour Championship where quotas were adjusted based on the season-long standings (akin to DJ starting -10 at the TC, etc.)

This year, I’m going to do points based on finish (rather than tracking only score-to-quota) so we can include a couple of team events in the mix as well and not penalize anyone for missing an event or two when life gets in the way. We also mix in 2-3 18-hole events on Saturdays and call those “Majors.”


Thanks for sharing, my biggest “hurdle” (so to speak) is not planning on having everybody gather in the same place on the same day…will definitely try, but just can’t be expected

So trying to facilitate both a year-long “points race” but also allowing for max flexibility in terms of getting your round(s) in for the month

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RE: same place, same time. We arranged a 5pm shotgun with our main course, so congregating was limited. As “Commish,” I organized the groupings, told them all what hole they’d start, printed scoring cards for each group, and designated one guy in each group to take a pic of the scores and send it to me at the end of each round.

Those who didn’t mind gathering did so afterwards – generally at a nearby restaurant with outdoor seating. Those who didn’t want to didn’t do so.

So that’s how you handle it if you’re concerned with COVID.

If it’s just general attendance that you don’t think you’ll get everyone there, then the “FedEx” style format where the top 40-50% of the field each week gets points helps with that. Missing an event is the same as showing up and finishing 15th/20. The more you show, the more chance you have for points. The more you don’t, the more you don’t lose ground on half the field.

No, no sorry…no COVID concerns

Just getting ~20 schedules to match up, especially during an AZ summer, so afternoons after work basically aren’t an option

Got it.

Then yeah, the second part of what I said…

Other ways to proactively promote attendance:

  • Go every 2-3 weeks instead of weekly (helps the dudes with wives/kids activities)
  • publish the full schedule ahead of the season (no excuses for slackers)
  • make an [x]-event minimum to be eligible to win any prizes/cash

I have my league’s entire schedule already confirmed with our courses. :slight_smile:

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Hey @pushdraw in NY we did a season long matchplay and this year we’re doing the same plus 4 majors, hopefully a Ryder Cup and plans to go to Pinehurst for an interclub with other RACDG chapters (bunch of guys from GB&I are coming over). I know the GB&I guys are doing an “order of merit” this year where they’re assigning points based on rounds played monthly. If you want to learn more probably best to reach out to @The_Cad_Says .

Also, if anyone’s interested in knowing, NY RACDG chapter has built a website ( and incorporated ourselves (RACDG NY Metro, Inc). We have 50+ due paying members and anyone can get a GHIN through us… so much snow in NY this winter so we got bored and decided to make things more formal

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Any ideas for formats yet?

We’re doing a simple stableford format in May. then in June we have a 2-man team format where we’ll play 9 holes fourball, 9 alt shot and 9 singles. We’re going to have 40 guys split into pods of 4 teams (8 players). The winners of the 5 pods will play a final 9 holes, team with the most stableford points wins.
July will be Ryder Cup: NJ vs NY/CT. August will be a 6-man team comp similar to the 2-man but only 18 holes. October will be our season finale stableford tournament to determine the Champion Golfer of the Year

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Northern California checking in:

  • NIT Qualifier event next month
  • Season long Match Play competition to determine CHampion Golfer of Year is underway. Finals at Pasatiempo in october
  • Our Ryder Cup style match within our own chapter, the Fleming Cup in August
  • Hopefully a Ryder Cup style Match versus the SoCal chapter (CC: @Rob_Roth) around November time.

@hibernating bear, I like your 2-man event format with the pods and final 9 hole match


If only we had a Vegas contingent, we could have a cool 4-way RC

Well fuck off!! Can I come out for this?

Doing a six event season with 8 golfers this year. Similar to the format of TS Oregon with a quota game to rank everyone that day. That’s easy as we all have handicaps but what isn’t so simple is the points awarded each event.

We are going to do the same match play playoff format over a weekend with top four in finals and bottom playing to avoid something.

This was my first guess at how the points would be given out at each event. Not that many events to earn points so not sure the balance is right to reward a win and punish playing poorly.

First 16
Second 12
Third 10
Fourth 8
Fifth 6
Sixth 4
Seventh 2
Last 0

Advice and feedback are appreciated.

I noticed a Roll Call spring up recently for Vegas. Maybe we should message them about setting up a chapter. Get them going, then sort out Phoenix / Scottsdale and that’s a hell of a 4-way round robin…

Yes! Good call, Vegas did just pop up

What do I need to get ball rolling on AZ chapter? If a northern (Flagstaff) or southern (Tucson) chapter spring up down the line, we can break off in to smaller regions if it makes sense

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Just DM me and we’ll get you going… :+1: