Roll Call: The Players


Heading over from the UK to watch The Players Championship in May. Would be good to meet up with some fellow NLUppers. Anyone interested?

Also playing The Palencia Club and Cimarrone. Any thoughts on these two?


I’ll be there with a big group. A bunch of us from Charleston and Central FL/Jacksonville.


I’ll give you a shout when I’m there. Friday and Sunday


I live in Jax but unfortunately haven’t played Valencia or Cimarrone. Def interested in an NLU meet up with, possibly, a round/rounds of golf included.


Cimaronne’s a dump. There’s better courses in the area if you can swing it.


It’s a package deal, tickets Friday and Sunday with 2 rounds. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve raised with the trip organiser.


@eddieb85 Can you recommend any courses in the Jacksonville area?


I’ve heard Cimaronne has gotten better in recent years. I’ve never played Palencia, but heard great things. It may be worth it in the package deal.


I want to amend this. Cimaronne was a dump 5 years ago, but I played it today and it was in great shape and they treated me well despite a Golfnow mix-up. I feel bad for this take.


How were the greens? Last time I played there they were thick and slow like shaved down fairways. It was awful.


Slow, but true. At least the ball wasn’t bouncing all over.