Roll Call: The Memorial


Heading up from Cincinnati on Monday to catch practice rounds with my wife, probabaly will just be chasing DJ around so she can say hi

Coming back Saturday for 3rd round with my parents who’ve never been.

Hoping for a good field and maybe a younger, unproven player to shine (shoutout Cam Smith)


Ill be there hopefully all week, heading up from Cincinnati as well.


I live a quick 4 miles from there so I’ll be out there a ton. Monday is a pretty slow day out there. Won’t necessarily be a lot of big names out there.


We were fortunate enough to do a quick meet and greet with DJ on the driving range. DJ and AJ were very very accommodating about it.


I always go, so I’ll be there—not sure which days yet this year. Best plan is to get there early and walk the course with a couple groups in the mornings and crash at 14 green in the afternoon. Mondays there are extra slow because it’s a holiday. The most exciting thing on Monday last year was getting the Tiger DUI notification on my phone while I was trying to stay awake waiting on anyone to show up


I’ll be around as well. I usually go Tuesday and Wednesday. I really enjoy practice round days. Ran into @Soly after his loop with JT last year and tried to donate to the poor guy’s family in Tampa. Took my son for the first time as well a year ago and he loved it with the highlights of getting Jordan and Rickie’s autographs.


Planning to go up on Saturday, from Cincinnati as well, and take the wife. Will be her first PGA Tour event. Hey @Soly, perhaps there could be a NLU meet up Friday or Saturday night near Muirfield?


This Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream review gets me every time. With all the attention being paid to milkshakes at the Memorial this week, I thought it would be fitting to re-post it here. Everyone needs to keep an eye out for big GMO this week potentially corrupting Jack’s legacy. His ice cream has more artificial ingredients and sweeteners than he has majors. SMH, very dishonest move by the golden bear.

I was first alerted to this aggressive Mommy blogger via the Honda Classic tournament preview article: