Roll Call: St. Louis

Possible for Sunday, have a MG Thursday - Saturday so may be golfed out but who knows!

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Just a favor - on the Sunday YOTB rounds, let me know ASAP.

Since we have some early Sunday departs from the out of town crew - we are currently holding an extra tee time. If we can’t fill it, would like to get that back to the course with enough time to fill it if we can’t use it.

I won’t be able to make it on the 18th.

… still a couple spots if anyone’s looking for a game tomorrow!

Has there been any conversations around a new merch drop? Hearing some of the patch swap chatter in other threads has me itching for some Confluence gear.

I’m willing to go full Pat Reed for the roost.


Hi guys! New to the St. Louis area and would love to link up with folks and golf. 19 handicap, 30 year old male with a wife who can break 100 and is willing to golf semi-frequently. Just settled into the central west end area. From Michigan originally and lived in Minneapolis the last 7 years. Hit me up if you need someone to fill a spot!


Hello STL Friends - going to be in town the first week of October. My future brother-in-law and I are looking at a tee time around 11:30am or so for Sunday 10/2. I’m thinking Pevely based on availability but open to suggestions if anyone wants to join! I’ll be based in Chesterfield and he’s in Kirkwood so trying to find something amenable for both of us.

I’m down to play my suggestion would be The Bluffs over Pevely

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Bluffs is great. Any other takers? @Jrembold @chrismarz @anyoneelse

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Would love to, but coaching soccer at Noon on 10/2… debbiedowner.gif

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Might be able to
Make that work for 10/2


Nice - I booked an 11:24am at the Bluffs for Sunday, 10/2 for a 4some. Let me know if anything changes for either of you @Nickygifts and @Jrembold - looking forward to getting out there!


Simulator league coming up if any fellow dome golfers are in here.

Oh Mr. Test,

The true Sim Heads know that the only indoor league is run by the STL roost captain at Ballwin Golf Club. Two man best ball for the season and we are moving to a “season pass” model that will make it easier to schedule our rounds


oooooh we like that dot gif

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Anyone want to play hooky on Tuesday the 4th and play the golfing?


I might be able to pull that off. Should know for sure tomorrow or Friday. Have a particular place or time in mind?

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Haven’t got that far yet was thinking Crystal Highlands haven’t got out there since it went to public

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My first time playing there was a little over a month ago and I was very impressed. I’m playing there this Friday too but that wouldn’t deter me from going back Tuesday if I’m able.

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Can’t make the 4th work unfortunately. I was hoping to play on the 9th. Any takers or suggestions? I have played the Landings and Annbriar so far since moving to St. Louis