Roll Call: St. Louis

I will not be making it to STL next weekend. Company is arriving that day.

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Hey all,

STL area born/raised (Union/SLU) currently KC living.

Coming into town for a weekend of scrambles with buddies in a couple. Playing Crystal Highlands and StoneWolf in back to back 8AM starts (could be rough).

Any insight into the courses would be helpful, especially areas around the courses to hang.

We are staying locally and have a pretty good read on that area. Would also like some input into whether or not the sportsbook across the river is worth it.

Thanks in advance.


The Sportsbook is fun and definitely worth an hour or two.

In terms of the course both require good drives, as well as putts that go in the hole. Godspeed my friend!


Ah see, this is what I’ve been doing wrong.

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Anyone want to play the golf Sunday?

Stonewolf is classic tight, forced layup Nicklaus. It’s bad…

If you time it just right, you might have a sighting of the man the myth the legend JayGrizzle at Crystal Highlands.


Are confirming JayGrizzle lives?

He lives and is thriving, just crushing sugar free monsters and Taco Bell. Will see him in three weeks for our annual fantasy football league draft!


Tell him I said hello! Seems like that round we played at Geln Echo together was a few decades ago.


Me and @IlliniGolferHack are playing gateway tomorrow morning at 6:24 if anyone is crazy enough to join us

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Man it does feel like forever ago…
Was a great time

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Play if you dare. You’ll get to see a soft cap dominate @Nickygifts up close and personal

We aren’t playing straight up tomorrow you’re giving me shots

Never. Don’t be a sissy


Anybody want to get out friday morning? Looking to take advantage of the 82 degree forecast.


Count me interested

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everything about this promo makes me smile…

“Barbara! The hot dog got better billing than me again!”


The only thing that’d make it better is if someone photoshopped a hot dog in Mr. Nicklaus’s hand, too.