Roll Call: St. Louis


Just moved here from southwest Florida. Anyone got recommendations on where to play or need a 4th for their weekend game? I can be a +2 or a 10, whatever we need to tell the others to accept me.


St. Louis CC is sublime


Any tips on how to get on without knowing a member?


There are a few of us in the STL area on here. Quite a few decent tracks around the area in addition to a few outstanding clubs.


Went to school down here and just moved back in January after some time back in WI. Annbriar, Pevely Farms and Gateway are all pretty good. Normandie has a fantastic layout imo, but can’t often justify playing it due to the conditions. Always looking for a new places to play


I played Normandie a few weeks ago for the first time. Their greens were in outstanding shape and I agree their layout is fantastic. I’m not as big of fan of Pevely but do enjoy Aberdeen.


Like mentioned above, Gateway National and Pevely Farms are awesome. I love the Missouri Bluffs as well, and there’s usually decent rates on GolfNow or places like that. For a quick 9 holes, Ruth Park in University City is always in great shape and is super cheap.


I played Aberdeen on Monday, it was a fun track. 18 tee shot is not friendly to the wipey fade.


I’m around the STL area but on the Illinois side, so I don’t get to play some of the MO tracks as often. As others have said, Annbriar and Gateway are good if they’re firm. The Highlands is a fun 9-holer in Forest Park, but it’s usually pretty busy.

Normandie is on my list to play, just haven’t taken the chance. MO Bluffs and Aberdeen as well, for the publics anyway.


Gateway is always my go to. A lot of the time you can catch STL athletes on the course as well which is pretty cool.


Has anyone played Timber Lakes over in IL? I have a buddy that for some reason really wants to play it, but I’m a bit skeptical